How Do I Choose the Best Management Short Course?

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In order to choose the best management short course, consider the curriculum or topics, the cost, the location and the payoff as opposed to taking a longer course covering the same or similar information. A management short course is a workshop, seminar or training course that is shorter than a traditional college course semester. This type of management course is typically an accelerated course that covers a large amount of information on management topics, but in a short period of time.

When reviewing the management short course options, obtain a curriculum or agenda of the topics. Review the information that will be covered during the course to ensure that the information you are seeking is being offered. For example, if you are specifically looking for a management course that helps you to become a better leader or to hone your leadership skills, then make sure that a large proportion of the course offers various exercises on leadership and leadership skills.


Once you identify the management short course options available, you can proceed to review the cost of the course. Generally, an accelerated course of this nature is more expensive than a traditional course that you may take at a community college or university. Due to the fact that these short courses are often taught in a hotel meeting room or another rented space, the hosts of the event have to cover their costs by charging a higher rate to students. Also consider any travel expenses associated with attending the course.

If you cannot travel to attend the management short course, then you will need to mark any long distance course options off your list. You can also consider courses that are offered online via teleseminar or webinar settings. Home study courses are another option where location is a constraint in completing the management short course. If travel is not an issue, then you can consider any of the courses that offer the curriculum you seek and fall within your cost range.

Finally, consider the payoff of taking the management short course as opposed to a lengthier learning option, such as an adult education or college course. While accelerated courses can be quite comprehensive, it is impossible to cover the same quantity of information that is covered in a longer course. To choose the best option, you should weigh the consequences of taking a management short course as opposed to a longer and more comprehensive management course.


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