How Do I Choose the Best Male Facial Treatment?

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The term 'facial' often brings to mind the picture of a woman with a green mud mask spread over her face and cucumber slices on her eyes. In the past, this picture may have been the norm, but male facials are actually growing in popularity. Men may not wear pore-clogging makeup or worry so much about fine lines, but a male facial treatment can bring all kinds of benefits to masculine skin. When choosing a facial, men should generally consider their skin types and the ingredients in the facial mixtures.

Many men may balk at the idea of getting a facial, but these treatments can be quite soothing. Spas also usually offer treatments with scents and formulas specifically geared toward men. For instance, a woman’s facial might involve a rosewater facial mask and an eyebrow wax. A male facial treatment often starts with a soothing facial massage and ends with a lightweight moisturizer. Masks for men may use earthy or citrus scents rather than floral ones. Common scents include orange zest, salty Dead Sea masks, and clay masks that are red or brown in color.


Choosing a male facial treatment may seem overwhelming at first. As the popularity of these treatments rose, so did the variety. Typically, the first step to picking the right treatment involves examining the state of one’s skin. Those that work outdoors for much of the year may have rough, dry skin and very open pores. Other men may have oily and acne-prone skin that breaks out easily.

Those with rough, dry skin may want to try a moisture-infused mask that contains avocadoes, olive oil, clay, and vitamin E. Some male facial treatment formulas may even contain beer, which can be very hydrating when combined with other ingredients. A hydrating male facial treatment usually begins with a lightly moisturizing soap to remove surface oil and grime. Next comes the facial itself, which is meant to draw dirt and oil out of the skin. After the mask is removed, the spa technician may exfoliate the face with a light salt scrub or a microdermabrasion tool. This should leave the skin dewy and soft.

Men with oily, acne-prone skin may benefit from facials containing citrus, tea tree oil, and witch hazel. These ingredients help remove oils and dirt from the skin, cleanse pores, and kill the bacteria that encourage acne to develop. Such treatments often follow the same routine as above, but usually end with a moisturizer made for oily skin. Aloe vera sap is usually the moisturizer of choice because it is anti-bacterial and doesn’t usually smell feminine.

Most kinds of male facial treatment can be done on men with or without facial hair. Some spas will even trim and shape up facial hair on request, though this may cost a little extra. Other places offer special treatments for men that don’t shave frequently and experience irritated skin under their beards. This usually involves a cleansing shampoo and special moisturizers formulated for coarse hair.


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