How do I Choose the Best Makeup Brush Cleaner?

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There are a number of kinds of makeup brush cleaners on the market. When choosing among the options, it is best to consider the type of brushes that will be cleaned as well as any skin conditions of the person or people who use the brushes. Some types of makeup brush cleaner are made for brushes made with natural fibers, others are made for brushes with synthetic fibers. For those who use both types of brushes, there are also types of makeup brush cleaner that can be used on both natural and synthetic makeup brush fibers.

Making sure that makeup brushes are clean and sanitized is important for people who want to keep their skin healthy and avoid blemishes or breakouts. This is also an important practice for makeup artists who may use brushes on multiple people. For this reason, it is usually best to choose a makeup brush cleaner that has antibacterial properties. These kinds of solutions will kill any bacteria that has begun to build up in the brush so that it will not be transferred onto the skin when the brush is being used.


A strong makeup brush cleaner is important for people who regularly use dark-color cosmetics or cosmetics that have a thick consistency. Dark shades of makeup can build up in brushes and transfer on to the skin accidentally when the brush is being used for a lighter shade or different shade of makeup. Cosmetics such as lipstick that have a thick consistency are more difficult to rinse out of brushes. Also, if they are not rinsed out of the brushes, they can cause the brushes to become very stiff and impossible to use. For brushes that are used to apply these sorts of products, a concentrated makeup brush cleaner may be necessary to get the brushes completely clean.

Makeup brush cleaner can be an important makeup kit tool, especially for those who invest in their makeup brushes. High-quality makeup brushes can cost more than $40 USD (US Dollars) for a single brush, so keeping these makeup application tools in good condition is a good way to protect the investment. Makeup brush cleaner is also important for people who are fighting acne. This is because even the best acne-fighting products can be undone by the use of dirty makeup brushes. As such, makeup brush cleaner also helps to protect the investment that people make in acne-fighting skin care products.


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Post 2

@spotiche5- I have sensitive skin too, and have to be very careful when it comes to the products I use on my skin. Even using harsh cleaners on a makeup brush can end up on your skin, so it is very important that you clean them with something as gentle as your favorite sensitive skin cleaner.

Since you need to clean your makeup application tools with a solution that you know won't cause an allergic reaction, the easiest thing to use is your face soap. I found this out after using several brush cleaners that irritated my skin. Since I was out of options, I tried using my face soap, and it worked perfectly.

Another good makeup brush cleaner is witch hazel. This natural astringent cleans delicately but thoroughly, and is usually non-irritating to the skin. It is also easy to rinse off the brushes, so no residue is left behind.

Post 1

I have sensitive skin, so I'm hesitant to use a makeup brush cleaner that has harsh ingredients and artificial colors. What are some alternatives to use for keeping these make tools clean?

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