How Do I Choose the Best Magnesium Ascorbate?

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Magnesium ascorbate is a type of supplement that is used to treat certain mineral deficiencies. Such capsules contain both magnesium and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). When looking for the supplement, you may either choose a capsule or powder form based on your preference. These dietary supplements are widely available in health and vitamin stores, but you might be able to purchase them at a cheaper price online. Magnesium ascorbate should be used with caution because it can cause side effects as well as enhance the body’s absorption of other minerals.

Mineral supplements commonly contain a particular nutrient in which you are deficient. Magnesium ascorbate capsules are primarily designed to treat this type of mineral deficiency, although some consumers use them to complement an otherwise healthy diet. Magnesium ascorbate is less acidic than other forms of vitamin C, so it has less risk of stomach irritation.

Capsules are the most common forms of magnesium ascorbate supplements because they are considered to be the easiest to take. You might consider taking tablets with a full glass of water in order to reduce the risk of any stomach problems. If you prefer not to take pills, magnesium ascorbate is also available in a powder version which you can add to water and drink.


Finding dietary supplements is generally a simple task because they are widely available at a variety of venues. Natural health stores and vitamin outlets are common places that carry magnesium ascorbate. Based on your specific needs, however, you might have better luck finding a particular type of magnesium ascorbate supplement on the Internet. Many online supplement stores also offer discounts for purchasing supplements in bulk.

Although your body needs magnesium and other nutrients in order to function properly, taking any kind of supplement carries the risk of side effects and possible drug interactions. Taking too much magnesium can cause nausea and diarrhea, while ascorbic acid has diuretic effects that can lead to dehydration. Magnesium toxicity symptoms range from dizziness to excessive fatigue and muscle aches. It is important that you also monitor your daily intake of other minerals because magnesium ascorbate is known to increase the body’s absorption of iron. If you experience any side effects, discontinue taking a particular supplement and call a medical professional immediately.


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