How do I Choose the Best Lounge Chair Towels?

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Lounge chair towels can protect your chair while giving you a convenient way to dry off at the beach. When you are looking for these beach towels, know how big the chair is that you want to cover. Look for towels that are somewhat fitted because they are more likely to stay in place. You should also decide whether you would like a pocket for personal items or monogramming. Read the label to see what type of fabric the lounger towel is made of, and keep in mind that a combination of terry and cotton will be absorbent yet not retain water.

Measure the back and seat of the beach chair you want to cover. If the chair is a reclining model, measure it with the back in a straight up position. Add these two numbers together to get the overall length of the chair. Write this number down so you can look for lounge chair towels that are long enough to cover the chair.

Some lounge chair towels may have a short hood on one end of them. These hoods are designed to slip over the back of a chair to help hold it in place. Make sure the stitching around this section is tight so the towels will not rip when you place them over your beach chair.


Lounge chair covers can be simple or elaborate. Look at the different features available to find those that suit your individual taste and budget. Towels with pockets for sunscreen or a paperback novel could be useful if you plan to spend a great deal of time relaxing in the chair. Monogramming might be nice if you plan to use your towels in a crowded area because it can help you identify which ones are yours.

Choose the right fabric for your lounge chair towels. A blend of cotton and terrycloth is a good choice because this material will not get excessively wet, even if you use it to dry off. Towels made completely of cotton or those that contain synthetic fibers, such as polyester or rayon, should be avoided.

Although many lounge chair towels are solid colors, they can also be found in a variety of patterns. Look at several to see if you like stripes or a print better than a solid hue. Keep in mind that darker colors attract more sunlight and will remain hotter than light colored ones towels.


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