How do I Choose the Best Lotion for my Skin Type?

Diane Goettel

The best lotion for one's skin type is a lotion that fits one's skin type, helps to achieve certain skin care goals, and also fits within one's price range. The first factor to consider is skin type. When lotions are formulated for skin type, they are often formulated for how dry or oily the skin is.

A variety of lotions are available for reducing wrinkles.
A variety of lotions are available for reducing wrinkles.

The best lotion for very dry skin will be rich in emollients in order to offer the maximum amount of hydration for the skin. Skin that is quite oily on its own, however, may be best matched with a lighter lotion. There are also lotions that are formulated for skin types that are in between dry and oily as well as skin that is a combination of the two. For combination skin, the best lotion is a kind that will deliver hydration to the dry patches of skin while not overpowering the oily patches of skin with too much emollient.

A lotion for combination skin might include a creamy base for the dry areas of the body.
A lotion for combination skin might include a creamy base for the dry areas of the body.

In addition to the skin types that have been discussed above, the level of sensitivity of the skin and the age of the skin should be considered when choosing the best lotion. Very sensitive skin, for example, is best suited to lotions that have calming ingredients such as chamomile and aloe. These ingredients help to soothe the skin, reduce redness, and keep the skin balanced.

Lotions should be selected based on an individual's skin type.
Lotions should be selected based on an individual's skin type.

There are a number of kinds of lotion for aging skin. There are some that work to firm the skin, some that work to shrink the pores, and others that work to reverse the signs of sun damage. There are also plenty of lotions for aging skin that are intended to reduce wrinkles. The best lotion for aging skin is a lotion that meets the needs of the user. Some lotions are intended to address a number of the issues discussed here.

Some lotions contain anti-wrinkling properties.
Some lotions contain anti-wrinkling properties.

Once the best type of lotion for one's skin type and one's skin needs have been identified, it is time to consider price. There is quite a range in the prices for lotion, especially lotions for the face. One can spend anywhere from $5 USD (US Dollars) to $500 USD on a single bottle of lotion.

After identifying the best lotion options in ones price range, the process of trial and error begins. Whenever possible, get a test sample of the product to try for a day or two before committing to an entire bottle of lotion. These are often given away at high-end beauty stores.

The ideal lotion for dry skin is one that contains emollients.
The ideal lotion for dry skin is one that contains emollients.

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I have really dry skin, both on my face and body. I basically have to use really heavy and thick creams and lotions on both my face and body to prevent drying out my skin more. It's especially a pain in the winter when I get flaky, almost painful skin.

I've yet to find the best moisturizing lotion. Light lotions absorb well but are not moisturizing enough. Thick lotions are nice and moisturizing, but they tend to leave behind a greasy veil on my skin that I hate.

I need a lotion for my body and face that's very moisturizing, but that also absorbs well and disappears. A friend of mine recommended natural oils. I think that would be greasy too but she says there are natural oils that absorb really well. I don't know, I might try that if I don't find a better product for my skin.


@simrin-- That's right, oily skin types need to moisturize their skin too. It's actually possible for someone to have oily but dehydrated skin. In fact, if someone with oily skin doesn't moisturize their skin properly, the skin dry out in between and then produce even more oil then before. So even though it appears that the face is oily, it becomes that way because it needs moisture and tries to balance that by itself.

Your sister should use oil-free moisturizers that are non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic means that it doesn't clog pores. Any moisturizer with natural oils in it will clog pores. This is bad because it can lead to acne.

An oil-free light moisturizer is the best facial lotion for your skin. It's also a good idea to read some reviews before trying anything. Your sister should read reviews by customers who have the same skin type. This should give her a good idea about which lotions will work for her.


My sister has oily skin that's prone to breakouts and she doesn't use any face lotion. She says that her skin is already oily, it doesn't need moisturizer.

This is wrong right? Isn't it necessary to moisturize skin even if it's oily?

Does anyone else have skin like my sister? What's the best kind of face lotion for people with oily, problem skin?

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