How do I Choose the Best Long Stapler?

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Long staplers allow a user to staple a document or manuscript of larger paper width somewhere other than just along the outer edge. There are two central considerations when purchasing a long stapler. First, you must consider the paper size or sizes that will be used. Next, you should consider the number of pages that will need to be stapled at any one time.

Some models of long staplers are able to staple a maximum of 20 sheets of paper at a time, while others can handle up to 200 sheets of paper at a time. It is possible to purchase long staplers that are either top-loading or channel-loading. Some also are able to be adjusted by depth, while others have a set length. There usually are several colors to choose from, as well.

Before searching for a long stapler, compile a list of the projects for which the stapler will be used. Be sure to note paper sizes, the number of sheets to be stapled, and the frequency with which the stapler will be used. Considering your stapling needs before purchasing will help you to form an ideal model in your mind before viewing the various options available.


There are two general tiers of long-reach staplers available. The first tier is simple and similar to a standard office stapler. These staplers are able to bind or fasten documents with larger paper sizes and have a depth up to 12.5 inches (about 32 cm). Usually, these simple and efficient staplers can handle a maximum of 20 to 25 sheets of paper and use a standard 0.25-inch (6.35 mm) staple.

The second tier of long staplers, sometimes called long-arm staplers, is used for binding much larger and bulkier projects. These staplers are more for heavy use and can use several types of heavy-duty staples, depending on the project. If purchasing a heavy-duty long stapler, it is important to view the staple guide for each particular stapler. Each model can handle specific staples and staple lengths, though they nearly always require a heavy-duty, high-carbon staple. The measurements on the clincher of the stapler will also show what staple lengths are permissible for a particular stapler.

Another consideration to keep in mind is where and by how many people the stapler will be used. Some heavy-duty staplers are not portable. These staplers are meant to be kept at a shared office workspace and are generally too heavy and bulky to be carried from desk to desk. Before purchasing a stapler, check the dimensions and weight to be sure they are appropriate for your workspace needs.

If the long stapler will have heavy and frequent use, consider purchasing a brand that offers a warranty. Depending on the model and brand, this warranty may be limited or offer a lifetime warranty. While products with a warranty may have a slightly higher price initially, the quality of the stapler will still be guaranteed after years of used.

Another method for finding the right stapler for your office supply needs is to visit the websites of a variety of office supply stores. Use their select and compare tools to view various models. Then use what you've learned in your research to find a tool that best fits your needs.


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