How do I Choose the Best Long Jump Rope?

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Choosing a long jump rope can be more complicated than it might appear. If you're looking to choose your ideal jump rope, length is just one of the things you should consider. Look for a jump rope suited to the type of jumping activity you're going to do. Jump ropes are made from a variety of materials. Choose a jump rope made of a suitable material.

When considering the appropriate length of a long jump rope, consider your own height. If your jump rope is too short or too long, your workouts will be more difficult. You should be able to stand in the center of the jump rope and pull both handles up to your underarms. Jump ropes vary in length from 7 to 11 feet (2.13 to 3.35 meters) long.

There are many types of jump roping activities, so choose a jump rope suited to the type of activity you're going to pursue. If you're planning to jump rope for athletic training, you might consider a lightweight rope or a weighted rope. Lightweight ropes are also generally the most appropriate for speed jumping exercises. If you're jumping double dutch, it might be a good idea to consider a very long jump rope suitable for that sport.


Jump ropes are typically made from a variety of materials. You might choose a long jump rope made from cloth, vinyl, plastic, leather, or nylon. Beaded jump ropes are generally considered the most durable type of jump rope. These jump ropes are frequently used for children's activities and can be generally found in schools and on most playgrounds.

If you're hoping to get a lot of use out of your long jump rope, consider choosing a rope made of a durable material, such as leather. Beaded ropes are quite durable, but also weigh more than leather jump ropes. If you travel often, a lightweight, easily-stored cloth or vinyl jump rope might be most appropriate. If you're using your jump rope for athletic or speed training, choose a lightweight jump rope for the fastest possible speed. Vinyl jump ropes are generally considered to be the lightest and the best for athletic and professional training.

If you're looking to build muscle strength as well as cardiovascular endurance and agility, you might want to consider a weighted jump rope. Weighted jump ropes typically weigh between one and six pounds (0.45 kg to 2.72 kg). The weights are generally found in the handles. Weighted jump ropes can help you build upper body strength as well as cardiovascular endurance and agility.


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