How Do I Choose the Best Liquid Antacid?

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Liquid antacid is similar to tablets in effectiveness, but there may be many differences between liquid antacid brands. Some liquid antacids have flavors that are intended to make them easier to take, though some may find the flavors actually make them even harder to swallow. There usually are different strength levels, so you'll likely want to look for an antacid medication that is strong enough to fix your acid problems. You also should check the list of symptoms the liquid antacid fixes, because they may not be the symptoms you have. While allergies to antacids are rare, checking the ingredients list for potential allergens and ingredients that may react with other medications you're taking also can be a good idea.

A variety of liquid antacid medications have flavorings added to make them easier to take. The two most common flavors for this medication as of 2011 are cherry and mint. There also are antacids without specific flavors, though the medication itself will normally have its own taste. If you are partial to a certain taste, then it may be better to get an antacid with a flavor you like so it is easier to take.


Many liquid antacid medications come in different strength levels, including regular and extra strength, but there also may be other strength levels, such as ultra and maximum. Getting an antacid that is strong enough for your symptoms usually is best, because weaker medication normally will not work as well. If you get a stronger antacid, then the medication may be more expensive; while uncommon, too strong of an antacid also may trigger a negative reaction.

The majority of liquid antacid medications fix general problems such as an upset stomach and heartburn. While these antacids will fix most normal symptoms, you might have a symptom that these medications do not help. To ensure that you find an effective antacid, you should look at the bottle or packaging to see what symptoms are treated.

Allergic reactions are rare with liquid antacid medications, but they still cause a very serious problem if you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients. This makes it a generally good idea to check both the antacid’s active and inactive ingredients and speak with a physician if you are unsure about any possible reactions. A more common reaction may come from other medications you are taking, because liquid antacid may interact with them, causing their effects to amplify, neutralize or even become poisonous.


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