How do I Choose the Best Lip Stain?

B. Miller

The best lip stain is the one that looks best on you, whether or not it is an expensive department store version, or a cheap drugstore item. Lip stain can be a great choice for people who do not want to wear lipstick, but want to get some color on the lips. In addition, lip stain lasts much longer than lip gloss or lipstick, making it a good choice for days when you won't be able to reapply.

Some lip stains may last for eight or ten hours.
Some lip stains may last for eight or ten hours.

The best lip stain is one that will actually stain the lips, not just place color on top of them. Be sure when choosing a lip stain that it is intended to last all day; this will make it difficult for the color to wipe off when eating or drinking. Some lip stains are designed to last for eight or ten hours, which can be very convenient. In addition, the best lip stain often comes with a conditioning top coat.

Lip stains come in different formulations and in numerous hues.
Lip stains come in different formulations and in numerous hues.

This is because lip stain can be very drying to the lips, and will generally stain the lips to a matte finish, which can make the lips look even more dry. A conditioning top coat is often clear, and is applied a few times throughout the day to make the lips look shiny and add additional moisture. If the best lip stain you choose does not come with this lip conditioner, you can simply apply a clear lip balm on top for the same effect. Some people choose to apply a colored lip balm to add a bit of shimmer to the lips.

Finally, choosing the best lip stain often comes down to personal preference. Many people find that choosing makeup colors that complement their skin tone offers the best, most natural appearance. For instance, people with cool skin tones look good in makeup with blue undertones, often found in cool red and soft pink lip stains. People with warm skin tones might look best in makeup with reddish undertones, such as a warm, orange-red or warm pink lip stain.

Lip stain often gives lips a fairly dramatic look, so it is best to combine it with softer eye makeup to avoid looking overdone. You may choose to buy lip stain in a few different colors for daytime and evening looks. For instance, a bright red lip stain might be a good choice for evening, while a lighter color might be best for the workday. Some stores allow customers to try cosmetic products before purchase, which may be a good idea when trying to select new colors.

Clear lip balm is sometimes applied on top of lip stain.
Clear lip balm is sometimes applied on top of lip stain.

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My suggestion when putting anything on your lips is to first fill in the area with lip liners and then put the stain or lipstick over the top of that, using a brush.

If you use a lip liner first, it will define the lips, but if you only outline them it can lead to an embarrassingly vivid line if the stuff in the middle of the lips wears off. Filling in the lips entirely gives you a solid base for your lipstick or stain and ensures that you aren't going to end up with outlined lips.

Using a brush is also important. You'll have much more control and the color comes out looking much better if you use a brush. You've got to make sure to wash the brush after each use though, as a lip brush can quickly become germ ridden and you don't want something like that next to your lips.

Finally, press a bit of tissue onto your lips and suck on your finger for a moment to get rid of any excess. Voila, perfect lips.


@pastanaga - I don't tend to use lip glosses very much, but what I've found is that if I really want my lips to heal when they've dried out a bit, dabbing them with olive oil, or another kind of oil, is the way to go.

It leaves them much less dry and they heal more quickly. I think if I was going to use a lip stain and wanted to make my lips a bit shiny, I would pass a bit of oil over the top of them.

It probably wouldn't last that long, but lip gloss doesn't really last all that long either. And it seems like it's much better for your lips than using commercial lip make up.


Something I read recently which seemed a bit strange was that people can actually develop an addiction to lip gloss.

Not a physical addiction, from ingesting it, or anything like that.

But, if you use it, even though it makes your lips feel dry, it actually dries them out a little bit which shows up when the gloss wears off. So, you put on more lip gloss in order to stop them from feeling dry, which makes them more dry and so forth.

That's why a lot of girls seem to be unable to go without putting on lip gloss every few hours.

I think if you use it in moderation, you won't have a problem, but don't think that by putting on a lip stain and then covering it with lip gloss you are preventing it from drying out your lips. If anything you are making the condition worse.

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