How do I Choose the Best Lip Plumper?

S. Gonzales

With plump lips being a popular trend in beauty, many women are weighing their options when considering how to get lip volume easily and quickly. Injections can be painful and expensive and require a commitment that many may not be comfortable with. The alternative to injections is investing in a quality lip plumper that can plump the lips through topical application. To find the best lip plumper, consumers should look for certain ingredients contained in the product.

Cinnamon is often included in lip plumping products.
Cinnamon is often included in lip plumping products.

One of the main ingredients that can be found in the best lip plumper is peptides. Peptides like dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline and palmitoyl oligopeptide encourage the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the lips. This ingredient can actually be absorbed into the dermal matrix of the lips and begin working upon initial contact with it.

Lip injections may be performed to create fuller lips.
Lip injections may be performed to create fuller lips.

Applying a product with camphor, menthol, l-arginine or Vitamin B can increase the circulation of blood flow in the lips and cause them to swell, giving the wearer lip volume. In addition, ingredients that contain Vitamin E can help nourish the lips and prevent peeling and chapping. Ingredients like ceramide and candelilla wax lock in moisture in the lips. Retinols like retinaldehyde may smooth out fine lines on lips and improve skin texture by promoting collagen synthesis. The best lip plumper will contain one or more of these ingredients.

While there are ingredients that can legitimately encourage plump lips, there are others that simply irritate the lips and cause them to swell in allergic reaction. Niacin, ginger root extract, peppermint oil and cinnamon leaf oil can all contribute to dryness and irritation in lips which can give short-term results but may result in long-term negative effects. The best lip plumper available to a consumer will contain less irritating ingredients than these.

Fortunately, the best lip plumper for a woman's lips is likely to come in different shades to match the wearer's preference or makeup style. Though a lip plumper can be found behind almost any makeup counter and suit any woman, consumers should avoid those with active ingredients that are known to cause personal, allergic reactions. In addition, consumers should be skeptical of products that are advertised as containing topical or marine collagen ingredients. While products may contain the collagen, the collagen cannot be absorbed through the skin or increase collagen production in lips. Those with sensitive skin should consider testing a lip plumper on a small area of their lips before investing in a full-size version of the product.

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