How Do I Choose the Best Leather Blazer?

K. K. Lowen

There are many factors to think about before choosing a leather blazer. Leather blazers are available in a variety of colors, cuts, and may have additional features that could make them more appealing to you, such as different types of linings and pockets. Both women and men commonly wear leather blazers, and items may be tailored specifically for each gender. Some garments may be unisex with a fit and visual appeal that anyone can wear.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

The price of a blazer can be a significant consideration. Leather blazers are sold for a variety of prices. People with a considerable amount of money to spend may have the option of purchasing a designer leather blazer or items imported from other countries. If you are looking for the cheapest leather blazer, you may want to investigate pre-owned or secondhand items.

Consider how you want the leather blazer to fasten in the front. Some people prefer to leave their blazers open at all times, and for them, the type of fastener used will not be much of an issue. Other people like the look of just having a single button that links the two sides of the blazer together, while others will enjoy a row of buttons. Fasteners besides buttons are common as well, such as clasps or hooks.

Think about the number of pockets you want the leather blazer to have. Some leather blazers may have neither interior nor exterior pockets. Others may have pockets only on the inside or the outside. Consider whether you will need pocket space provided by inside pockets. Sometimes the pockets on the outside add style to the garment, and you may choose to purchase a blazer with pockets even if you do not intend to use them.

The color of a leather blazer is often important. Traditional colors for blazers made from leather are earth tones, such as dark brown, light brown and black. White leather is also a popular choice, especially for women’s blazers. Leather blazers may be produced in any color and also could have any number of patterns.

Leather is an animal product, and some people do not like to wear garments made from animal products. An imitation leather blazer may be preferable if you do not want to wear real leather. Leather blazers made from faux leather often have the same look, texture, and style as genuine leather garments, but they do not involve animals at all. Additionally, faux leather may be easier to clean and could cost less.

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