How Do I Choose the Best Laser Hair Removal Course?

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When considering whether to take a laser hair removal course, you should first find out if the course meets the legal guidelines set in your area for the practice of laser hair removal. You should also ensure that the school is appropriately licensed to provide laser hair removal instruction as well as whether it is an approved trade school in the jurisdiction where you live. Other considerations should be the school's reputation, the length and convenience of its course offerings, as well as whether the school is affordable.

The practice of laser hair removal is not regulated in all jurisdictions. For example, in the United States only some states requires special licensure to become a laser hair removal technician. In fact, as of 2011 not all states even regulate this form of hair removal. You should investigate the law where you live to find out what kind of course you will need to take in order to practice legally.


You should also find out whether completing a course is sufficient for actually performing laser hair removal in the jurisdiction in which you wish to practice. In some places, only medical professionals can actually perform laser hair removal. If you already hold a health care license in a discipline that is permitted to perform laser hair removal, then taking a course can be a very good idea. If the area in which you live does not permit you to practice laser hair removal without holding a health care license, you will need to complete education so that you can be licensed in a health care field before completing the laser hair removal course and then practicing.

When evaluating schools that offer training in laser hair removal, first check to find out if the school is approved to operate by the appropriate governmental agency in your area. If it holds such approval, then you should find out whether laser hair removal technicians must be licensed or certified and then find out if the licensing or certification board recognizes the school that you are interested in. If the school has necessary approvals, you should still check with the local media and consumer protection agencies to make sure that the school has a good reputation. If affording a laser hair removal course is of concern to you, find out if the school offers financial aid programs that can help you afford the education you need.


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