How Do I Choose the Best Lanolin Cream?

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Lanolin cream is a skincare product that is derived from wool, and it is widely available in various types of over-the-counter formulas. The best lanolin cream that you choose depends specifically on what type of skin ailment you are trying to treat, since there are different moisturizing formulas for a variety of uses. Such creams can also be used as skin protectants to help to prevent cracks and dryness. For the best results, you might consider looking for a lanolin product that does not contain any chemicals that could potentially dry out the skin even further. Lanolin creams are widely available in drugstores and supermarket chains, but more specialized products can be purchased online and in beauty supply outlets.

When choosing the best lanolin cream, it is first important to determine what ailment you are attempting to treat. Due to the fact that the cream helps to cure extreme dryness, there are different formulas of lanolin that are specifically used to treat cracked skin, eczema, and blisters. There are also variations of the cream that are designed for the hands, feet, and body, as well as the nipples while breastfeeding. After-sun moisturizing creams can also contain lanolin as a means of soothing burns and preventing peeling skin.


Not only does lanolin cream contain natural moisturizing components, but it also helps to trap water in the skin so that it does not become dry and cracked. This feature is particularly useful if you live in an extremely dry region or if your skin is sensitive. When looking for skin protectants, the best products should also contain antioxidants, such as vitamins A and E, which help to nourish the skin and to prevent irritation.

One consideration is the ingredients in a particular lanolin cream. Due to the mass production of skincare products, many manufacturers add chemicals as well as preservatives to help to extend the shelf-life of the creams. Some chemicals can actually dry out the skin, especially if your type is sensitive. The best lanolin products should be free of dyes, chemicals, and parabens that can potentially cause moisture loss.

Due to the wide availability and use of lanolin, these types of products are primarily sold over-the-counter in drugstores. The downside is that many of the brands might contain preservatives and other chemicals because of certain manufacturing practices. If you are looking for a specific type of product that contains more natural ingredients, then the best place to buy the lanolin cream might be online or in a natural health store. You can also potentially save money by purchasing a particular product in bulk if you plan on using it often.


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Post 3

It's probably a good idea to read reviews of lanolin cream or try a sample before buying. Some lanolin creams have a strong scent to them, which can be annoying. I had a lanolin hand cream that I could not use because of the scent.

Post 2

@burcinc-- When I was breastfeeding, I used pure, hydrous lanolin skin cream. It's just pure lanolin combined with water. It doesn't contain any other additives. I think this type is best for you because it's more effective and it's safe in case the infant swallows some while feeding. It's also more afordable. You should apply it after feeding to allow some time for your skin to absorb the cream.

There are also non-hydrous lanolin creams out there that are just 100% pure lanolin. Those are good too but more difficult to apply because it's so thick, like a wax.

I would stay away from other lanolin creams however due to the additives.

Post 1

I want to use lanolin cream for dry/cracked nipples due to breastfeeding. I need a cream that's safe for both me and my baby. What type of lanolin cream should I buy? I've been looking online and at stores. I found some products that are labeled for breastfeeding but that cost more. There are also more affordable all natural lanolin creams and creams mixed with other beneficial ingredients like vitamin E or aloe vera.

Which type of lanolin cream works for breastfeeding the best?

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