How do I Choose the Best Lace Front Wig?

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Choosing the best lace front wig depends on a lot of factors, but the most notable are the look, quality, price and fit. Lace front wigs, like any hair piece, should be chosen to suit the shape of your face and to comfortably fit your head. The quality of lace front wigs varies greatly between manufacturers, but the easiest way to find the best is to look out for authentic French or Swiss lace caps and hand-knotted human hair. The price is not always a reliable indication, but higher-quality wigs will often cost more.

Hand-tied wigs are crafted by having the strands of hair knotted onto the wig cap. This type of knotting creates a much more natural look because the hair fits onto the cap loosely, allowing it to fall in a natural manner. This usually will be a human hair wig, because synthetic hair is generally not hand-knotted. The partings on this type of wig will resemble that of a natural hair parting. The price will reflect the time that goes into creating this type of wig.

Machine-created wigs usually use a weft of hair that is stitched to the wig cap. This is quite common in synthetic wig making. They are often cheaper in price and more widely available. The partings will not be as easy to create and will not look as natural, but it is still possible to style this type of wig.


Wigs are also available half-machine tied and half-hand tied. This provides a more durable wig than pure machine stitching and provides a compromise between quality and price. It is usual to find semi-hand tied wigs that blend human and synthetic hair together.

Authentic Swiss and French lace is crafted in the appropriate countries and usually will be more durable and more expensive than the style of lace produced elsewhere. This is most commonly used by American and European lace front wig manufacturers. Asian manufacturers usually use Swiss- and French-style lace that is created in China or Korea.

Potentially one of the most important factors in choosing the best lace front wig is how it will look once it is on. Styles should be chosen toward your personal preferences and the best possible look that the wig can achieve. The shape of your face can affect how the wig looks and should be taken into account if a new hairstyle has not been chosen. Lace front wigs offer more in flexibility than other wigs, and it is possible to pull the hair back and away from the face while still achieving a natural look.

The size of the wig should be considered carefully, and it is always a good idea to measure your head according to the vendor's instructions. A well-fitting wig should be secure and comfortable when worn. A wig that is too loose or too tight might jeopardize the natural look that a lace front wig is supposed to provide.


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