How Do I Choose the Best Kosher Pickles?

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Choosing the best kosher pickles is more a matter of personal taste than research, but there are some things that can help you narrow down your options. If you are buying pickles for multiple people, a reliable way of choosing kosher pickles is to choose the most popular brand and flavor of pickles. One other thing to consider when choosing pickles is the size and shape of the pickle. If you are a pickle lover, the only way to choose the best kosher pickles for you is to taste as many pickles as you can to decide which type is your personal favorite.

An important thing to remember is that a kosher dill flavored pickle is not necessarily kosher under the rules of the Jewish dietary laws. When a pickle is called kosher dill, that usually means that it has been made using a similar technique to traditional Jewish kosher pickles. This is a good pickle to buy if you are looking for a New-York-style dill pickle with a hint of garlic. To make sure you get technically kosher pickles, look for the symbols on the jar that indicate a product is officially kosher.


Most often, the best kosher pickle will be a homemade pickle at your local authentic deli, but settling on a brand of pickles can provide more consistent availability of a favorite pickle. Different brands use different types of cucumbers, vinegar, and spice blends to achieve the signature flavor of their kosher pickles. Some varieties of cucumber have bitter skins, while some are not bitter. While some pickle makers use the bitter flavor as part of their flavor blend, other pickle companies use pickle varieties that are not prone to bitterness. Since pickles are generally reasonably priced, it is easy to buy a small jar of pickles to try it out.

An overlooked part of choosing kosher pickles is choosing the pickle size and shape. A whole pickle can be an enjoyable single serving treat for a hungry adult, but if the pickles need to be used on hamburgers or might be eaten by children, it may be better to opt for a smaller option. Pickles can be purchased pre-sliced or speared for easy use when a while pickle is inconvenient. Mini kosher pickles can also be a fun treat for people who only want a little pickle, and can be served at cocktail parties or to kids.


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