How do I Choose the Best Knitting Kit?

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Knitting kits provide a convenient way to create a project since everything needed to make the item is included. Some kit versions don't contain knitting needles, so you won't have to pay for them if you already have a good needle selection. If your stitching and shaping skills are fairly limited, choose a knitting kit with instructions you understand to make sure you'll be able to complete the project.

Many kits are sealed, but the instructions for the project may be visible on the back of the kit. If you're planning to order a knitting kit online or buy one in person at your local yarn shop, you may be able to ask the sellers to allow you to see the project instruction sheet first. If you aren't able to view the instructions in knitting kits, it's best to choose a smaller project that's fairly simple, like a basic hat, slippers or baby blanket.

Another consideration to make when deciding on a knitting kit to buy is that you like the colors of the yarns included. Unlike knitting patterns sold separately, the yarn is included in kits. If an individual knitting pattern for a sweater uses blue yarn, but you'd prefer red, you can just purchase the color you like best as long as its thickness, or weight, is the same. With knitting kits, however, you're paying for the yarn colors included, so it would be more expensive if you decided to change the yarns.


If you're looking for advanced knitting kits, and you have quite a bit of experience creating knitted items in complex stitches, you may want to try something like lace projects. By purchasing everything you need for a new type of technique in one knitting kit, you can complete the project to see if you like the technique. If you do, then you can invest in more lace yarns and smaller sized needles.

An infant's layette set can be a good choice for a knitting kit since you'll have all the supplies needed in the box or bag to create several coordinated baby items, such as a blanket, hat, sweater and booties. These knitting kits are popular as a baby gift to new parents. Generally, intermediate or advanced knitting skills are needed to make layette kits.

French knitting kits can be excellent choices for children's craft projects. Rather than needles, French knitting is done by wrapping yarn around the pegs on top of a spool-like tool. A rounded, knitted tube is the result. Without too much difficulty, children can complete French knitting kit projects such as friendship bracelets or a scarf for a doll or teddy bear.


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