How do I Choose the Best Knitting Class?

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Knitting classes are available for every level of knitter. Thanks to Internet technology, you have the option of taking a knitting class online as well as in person. The best learn to knit class for you to choose depends on your skill level as well as your location preference.

Most yarn shops and many craft stores have a knitting class schedule. If you work during the day, evening and weekend classes are usually available. Taking in-person knitting lessons lets you participate in your hobby in your local area. You can meet people at the same skill level and interact socially while also learning how to knit. While many knitting classes are aimed at beginners, there are intermediate and advanced lessons as well.

Whatever your skill level, make sure to find a knitting class that suits you best or you may feel frustrated if you don't think you're progressing as well as other knitters in the group. Learning new techniques with a group of other people interested in knitting should be enjoyable rather than leaving you feeling like you're in a competition. Many knitters choose lessons not only as a way of learning new techniques and skills in their hobby, but also for the social interaction.


If you don't have knitting classes in your area that meet your skill level or social needs, consider taking online lessons. There is a wide online knitting community that is nationwide as well as international. Participants communicate in knitting website forums by sharing photos of their knitted pieces in progress and making supportive comments about other members' work.

One important consideration you should make when choosing online knitting classes is timing. While many Internet-based knitting classes are self-paced with members posting comments and project photos at any time, others are course-paced, which means participants are expected to knit and post within certain time limits. These time limits are usually quite expansive though since most people have job, school or family obligations and can't spend a lot of time on a knitting class. Carefully review each knitting website's rules before signing up for lessons.

For beginner knitting levels, expect to work on basic garments such as washcloths and scarves. The focus is on learning how to cast yarn onto a knitting needle, create the proper tension and master the easy garter stitch. If you have no knitting experience at all, then a beginners class is right for you. If you hope to learn stitches other than garter as well as garment shaping techniques, a knitting class that is deemed as easy rather than beginner will be a better choice.

A class for intermediate knitters can teach you more advanced shaping techniques as well as a wide variety of stitches. If you want to learn to knit using different yarn colors at once or start on basic lace techniques, intermediate knitting classes are the best ones to choose. Intricate lacy stitches or patterns that use complicated shaping are best taken in an advanced knitting class after you have quite a bit of experience in mastering the intermediate lessons.


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