How do I Choose the Best Knee High Argyle Socks?

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Choosing the best knee high argyle socks can be a pretty simple process, because a large amount of the decision is based on personal preference. There are, however, some general guidelines to follow when it comes to picking out a pair. Consumers should examine the overall quality of the socks, consider the appropriate fit, assess whether or not they fit the intended purpose, and approve their aesthetic features.

When selecting the best knee high argyle socks, the material they are made from has a big influence on the quality of the product. A popular fabric for sock construction is cotton, which is typically considered a natural, high quality material. Cotton is a great choice for many people, but one possible drawback is that this fabric absorbs moisture and does not dry quickly. Accordingly, people prone to sweaty feet and people who do not waterproof their shoes might wish to choose a different material to find the best knee high argyle socks for them.

Wool is another high quality material often used for socks, although some people complain that it is itchy and can be uncomfortable. This can particularly be a problem with knee high socks because they come in contact with a larger amount of skin than ankle height socks. Easy remedies to the drawbacks of 100% cotton or wool socks are found in blended fabrics. These fabrics weave together at least two types of materials to achieve a desirable balance.


Another factor in choosing the best knee high argyle socks is fit. Knee high socks should be tight and stretchy enough to hold themselves up throughout the day. If socks are too shapeless, they will slip down the leg and pool around the ankles. Alternatively, if socks are too tight they will quite possibly be too uncomfortable to wear.

Before purchasing argyle socks, it is wise to consider whether the pair in question suits the intended purpose. For example, hot pink and lime green socks might be acceptable on the golf course, but will not necessarily be appropriate paired with a business suit. Similarly, if the climate is exceptionally cold, the best knee high argyle socks may be a thick woolen pair instead of a delicate silk-blend.

Finally, the best knee high argyle socks will flatter the taste of the wearer. Fashion choices are very individual, and colors that suit one person might appall the next. Once high quality, well-fitted and appropriate socks are selected, the final choice of color and pattern is purely personal.


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