How do I Choose the Best Kitchen Organizer?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best kitchen organizer can usually be made much easier by first considering what items you need to have easily accessible. Storing seldom-used kitchen items in more out of the way areas such as in the space between the ceiling and cabinets or at the back of cupboard shelves can free up more room in which to place organizer products. Organizing by area, such as drawers, cabinets and counter tops, can further simplify the process.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Pot lid organizers can be especially helpful in a kitchen, as they eliminate the frustration of having to search for lids that may have slipped in the back of a cupboard. Oftentimes, there is not enough room in kitchen cabinets to store each lid on its corresponding pot as the pots and pans will require stacking to save space. A pot lid organizer that fits on the inside of a cupboard door holds several lids and makes them easily accessible to a cook in a hurry. An alternative to this type of kitchen organizer is to install a pot and lid rack on your kitchen wall or suspend it from the ceiling.

The revolving circular, tiered cabinet organizer called a Lazy Susan is a popular way to store food products. There are Lazy Susan sizes for both large and small cabinets as well as styles made for corner cupboards. Since the plastic, wood or metal tiers turn when moved with the hand, getting to those food items in the back of the cabinet is quite simple. Boxes or plastic bins of cereal, rice or other products are ideal for these larger organizers, while the smaller ones can be perfect for keeping small containers of kitchen items such as seasonings, honey and condiments within easy reach.

Popular drawer organizers include sectioned trays and small plastic or metal bins. These can organize the different contents of a "junk drawer" or keep like cutlery stacked together. While a plastic tray or bin kitchen organizer is quite common and inexpensive, mesh metal types can look much more stylish.

If you have a small kitchen or one lacking in cabinets and drawers, choosing a wall organizer may be a good idea. This type of kitchen organizer is a metal railing that attaches to the wall. S-shaped metal clips hang from the wall-mounted rod or railing to hold cooking utensils, pot holders and the like. Many of these wall organizing systems have accessories that fit onto the basic rod such as a cup to hold cutlery, a set of open shelves or even a foldout dish dryer rack.

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