How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Drawer Dividers?

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You should be able to find the best selection of kitchen drawer dividers at a kitchen specialty store. Stores that sell kitchen gadgets can often be found at malls and shopping centers. Choose kitchen drawer dividers that will not rust. Drawer dividers made of bamboo will be most durable, although maple or oak are also good choices. Choose the proper height and width to fit your kitchen drawer.

Many people prefer the convenience of expandable kitchen drawer organizers. These are a good choice for drawers that are unusually shaped are extra wide. Expandable dividers typically expand to more than 17 inches (43.2 centimeters) wide. These organizers generally have several compartments for storing utensils and other small items.

Depending upon what you store inside your kitchen drawer, you may opt for a full organizer or a set of dividers. Wood or plastic dividers generally come in a set of two or three. The main purpose for these are to separate large kitchen utensils, such as slotted spoons, knives, or spatulas. Your best option to store a full set of everyday kitchen essentials might be a full drawer organizer.

If you're looking for an option for organizing a rarely used kitchen drawer, you could make your own set of kitchen drawer dividers. All you will need are some strong pieces of wood and a hand saw. Be sure to measure the length of your drawer for an exact fit.


To save time, you can buy a set of kitchen drawer dividers at any home goods or kitchen gadget store. A set might include various sized wood dividers to place horizontally or vertically inside the drawer. This gives you the option of creating various widths and lengths for storing miscellaneous items and gadgets.

Whether you choose a set of kitchen drawer dividers or a full drawer organizer, there are certain features to look for. Determine if the dividers are spring loaded for better response and fit. The bottom of the organizer or dividers should be padded with a non-skid surface. This will prevent the organizer or dividers from sliding around as the drawer is opened and closed. If you buy your kitchen drawer dividers online, be sure you can exchange them or get a full refund if they arrive defective.

Look for kitchen drawer dividers that are easily cleaned. If you prefer dividers that can be removed easily and placed in the dishwasher, plastic would be your best choice. Be sure the package states the drawer dividers are dishwasher safe.


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