How do I Choose the Best Kids Slippers?

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When choosing kids slippers, safety should be a top concern; those little feet are usually running and jumping nonstop, so non-skid soles are highly recommended. In addition, remember to avoid slippers with small pieces, such as sequins or wiggle eyes, if you have a baby in your home. Children are going to give their slippers a lot of wear and tear, so durability and washability are important.

Whenever possible, try to choose kids slippers with sturdy fabrics and solid construction so that they will stand up to repeated washing. With the wide variety of style choices available, from fuzzy animal characters to slippers with flip-flop styling, involve your child in the decision; it's a fun way to spend an afternoon bonding with your children and letting them explore their own style.

One of the most traditional ways to keep children's feet warm is with footed pajamas. These charming one-piece pajamas cover your child from neck to toe, and nearly always have non-skid soles. Usually made of flannel or fleece, these soft and warm pajamas remind many people of their own childhood. They are perfect for colder weather, and they are roomy enough to allow the child to play or sleep in comfort. Footed pajamas are readily available in toddler sizes, but you can occasionally find them all the way up to adult sizes.


Animal and character slippers are another fun choice; you can pick from your child's favorite cartoon characters, or fur-covered slippers that look like animal feet. Some even have electronic voices or sound effects and lights. The downside of character slippers is that they may not be machine washable; if this feature is important to you, be sure to check the care instructions before you buy. Some character slippers may be big and bulky, which can cause an active, on-the-go child to trip and fall.

A sleeker option for the older or more active child are slipper socks. These are thick, warm socks that have a non-skid surface on the bottom. They are available in all sizes from toddler to adult, with a wide variety of solid colors and patterns to choose from. Slipper socks may also be designed with toes, similar to a glove, which adds whimsy and fun to warming your feet on a cold night. Socks with holiday designs make excellent gifts.

Whatever type of kids slippers you choose, remember that safety and functionality can also be stylish and fun. With such a wide variety to choose from at department stores, discount stores, and online, you are sure to find just the right kids slippers for your little ones.


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