How do I Choose the Best Kids' Headboards?

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In order to choose between the many available kids' headboards on the market, first narrow down the options according to size and material. Should the headboard be low, quite tall, or somewhere in the middle? Also, think about whether the headboard should be wooden, made of metal, or covered with fabric. Another consideration is whether the headboard should contain storage. Finally, think about choosing a headboard that will fit in well with the child's room and will incorporate elements or designs that the child might like.

Once the size and material have been decided upon, begin to shop for kids' headboards that fit within those parameters. At this point, one can begin to consider aesthetics. Wooden kids' headboards can come with special carvings such as animals or even the child's name. Designs and features on wooden kids' headboards may also be added in the form of paint. For large families, this might be a good kind of headboard to choose as the headboard can be repainted when it is handed down to please the new child who will be using it.


A headboard that is covered with fabric may have a fun pattern and include images that a child might like such as rocket ships or hearts or fish. It is also possible to have a fabric headboard outfitted with the child's name or initials in embroidery. One of the benefits of kids' headboards that are painted or covered in fabric is that they can be tied into a color palate in a child's bedroom. A room that is decorated in forest green and pale yellow could be accented with a fabric or wooden headboard that incorporates one or more of those colors.

Metal kid's headboards are usually more like headboards for adults than wooden and upholstered varieties. They often incorporate the same standard designs, just in a smaller form. The exception comes with metal kids' headboards that come in colors. These colors, which may include pastels and primary colors, are usually much brighter than the colors that are used on adult headboards.

Also consider whether the headboard should include storage, a feature that is most common in wooden kids' headboards. Storage in kids' headboards can be used for toys, books, and knick knacks. Offering extra storage capacity is often a benefit if the child's bedroom is small.


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