How do I Choose the Best Kettlebell Set?

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A kettlebell is a cannonball-shaped weight with an attached handle that is used for exercising. Primarily, a kettlebell works multiple muscles during exercise movements, thereby strengthening the core muscles of the body. While many gyms offer this type of weight lifting equipment, investing in the right kettlebell set could be a good way for you to exercise in the comfort of your own home. Topics you will want to take into consideration when choosing the best kettlebell set typically include total weight, graduated weight, and your own physical abilities.

An important factor to consider when beginning a new strength training routine is the amount of starting weight. When working with kettlebells, it usually is important to realize that the center of balance shifts as you move the weight because the handle allows for a swinging motion. This span of movement is much greater than you would get using a typical hand weight. It can be crucial that you choose a comfortable starting weight to prevent injury or strained muscles.


When choosing a kettlebell set, look for one that includes at least three levels of weight. It usually is best to start low if you do not strength train regularly. A low set may include a five-pound (about 2.27 kg) weight, a 10-pound (about 4.54 kg) weight, and a 15- or 25-pound (about 6.8 or 11.34 kg) weight. Medium weights may start at around 25 pounds (about 11.34 kg), and high weights can go up to 100 pounds (about 45.36 kg) or more.

People who want to gain significant muscle mass typically will want to increase weight over time. In order to build muscle safely, you should increase weight gradually. A kettlebell set could be perfect for this, as it typically includes several different weights that allow an individual to increase at his or her own pace. Once you are comfortable using the highest weight in the set, you can purchase additional weights individually to suit your needs.

Kettlebell lifting can feel rather awkward at first. It typically is a good idea to purchase a kettlebell set that includes an instructional DVD. The video will walk you through the basics, such as how to hold a kettlebell handle, and will demonstrate different types of kettlebell moves. Due to the variety of exercises possible, a kettlebell workout is nearly a whole-body strength-training routine.

In Russia, kettlebell lifting is considered a national sport. Consequently, the kettlebell is often referred to as the Russian kettlebell. Some manufacturers have altered the original kettlebell design of a heavy cast iron ball with a fixed handle to include colorful weights with wider or adjustable handles. These alternative types are sometimes given names like American kettlebell and Irish kettlebell, but all rely on the same basic swinging motion of the original and should be similarly effective.


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