How do I Choose the Best Kava Kava Supplements?

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While the natural remedy kava kava has been consumed as a drink prepared from the root the kava plant, Piper methysticum, by the indigenous populations of various Pacific islands for centuries, an increasing number of people are taking the remedy in the form of kava kava supplements. These supplements do not require the time and patience necessary to prepare a traditional kava kava tea, and these supplements are typically between 25 and 75 percent of the strength of a drink prepared from kava kava root powder. People who take kava supplements are generally advised to purchase products that were produced by reputable manufacturers that guarantee that the supplement contains 100 percent kava kava root. The highest quality kava kava pills typically can be found by reading product reviews online and speaking with nutrition experts.

Kava users who are accustomed to enjoying the calming effects of this traditional remedy by drinking kava kava liquid will typically find that they will need to use stronger kava kava supplements in order to experience similar effects. A typical serving of traditional kava tea that has been produced from fresh kava root contains approximately 250 mg of kavalactones, which is the active ingredient in the kava plant. Most kava kava supplements on the market contain between 50 and 150 mg of kavalactones. The best ones for treating anxiety usually contain around 150 mg of kavalactones, while the best supplements to treat insomnia contain around 75 mg of kavalactones.


These supplements have been proven to have a significant impact on the symptoms of a number of mild psychiatric conditions, but individuals who take these supplements on a regular basis are typically advised to use products that only contain kava root. There was a mild health scare concerning kava kava products during the turn of the century following reports of liver failure in more than 30 kava users in Europe. The cause of these health problems was eventually traced back to supplement manufacturers that were producing kava kava supplements that included every part of the plant rather than just the root itself. Other portions of the kava plant include compounds that are toxic to the liver, which is why indigenous peoples only drink liquid preparations of kava that are made solely from the kava root. The best supplements typically are produced by well-known supplement manufacturers and clearly indicate that the contents were made from only kava root powder.

Once consumers understand the type of kava kava supplements that they need, they can usually find the best supplements available by reading product reviews and speaking with experts on the subject. Reviews of the leading kava supplements can be found online at websites that encourage consumers to share their experience with a particular brand of kava kava. Another way to learn about the best kava supplements is by speaking with herbalists and nutritionists at the retail level. Organic grocery stores and health supplement shops usually employ certified herbalists and nutritionists who have the training and product knowledge necessary to make accurate recommendations on the various kava products that are available.


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