How do I Choose the Best Kava Kava Dosage?

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Choosing the best kava kava dosage may require a bit of time, but considering factors such as how the herb should be prepared and exactly what you hope to attain from its use may help. Kava kava is said to produce a strange combination of clarity and relaxation in the person drinking it. If consumed in large doses, kava kava can even produce effects similar to alcohol. If you are simply taking this herb to treat insomnia or anxiety, you may not wish to experience these intoxicating effects and should adjust the dosage accordingly.

Modern science has transformed the kava root into pill supplements. This makes kava kava more readily accessible to areas of the world where it does not grow and is generally more convenient than chewing the root or making a tea. Fresh or dried kava root, however, is typically more potent than a pill form. If possible, buying dried or fresh root is likely to help you find the right kava kava dosage more quickly.


Kava kava is generally made into a tea using anywhere from one to eight tablespoons (about 14 to 113 grams) of root per eight ounces (about 237 ml) of water. If taking this herb to treat temporary social anxiety, it is best to start off with one or two tablespoons per glass of water and drink it as needed. As a treatment for insomnia, two to three tablespoons of kava kava are fine to start with, and it should be consumed about 30 minutes before bed. If these doses do not seem to help, you can then increase the kava kava dosage by one tablespoon until you reach the dosage which works. This root can also be used to treat sore throats, with a mild dose of one tablespoon in eight ounces of water acting as a numbing agent.

Some studies have shown kava kava to have adverse effects if used heavily for a prolonged period of time. These include rash and puffy face. It has also been proven that kava kava may have severe reactions if used with certain medications, either prescribed or not. Speaking with a medical professional is a good idea before taking any kava kava dosage, and it should never be taken in conjunction with alcohol. Generally, it is also recommended that anyone taking more than two tablespoons of kava does not drive or operate any machinery. This root may produce the same effects even in pill form, and proper precautions should be taken.


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Post 3

I use one ounce of kava kava powder supplement per quart of chocolate soy milk. I usually have a small glass before I go to bed. It helps me sleep.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- Everyone is different, so you have to decide what the best dose of kava kava is for you. I personally think that half a tablespoon of kava kava root powder is not going to be enough. I usually take one to two tablespoons for mild social anxiety. I've taken up to three tablespoons so far. But I take a pure, aged, high-grade kava kava root powder, so it's very potent.

There is nothing wrong with starting at a half tablespoon to see how you're going to tolerate it tough. If you don't see any kava kava effects, you can just take more.

I've heard that the body builds tolerance to kava kava over time and the dose will have to be increased. I've only been taking kava kava for about a month and I have not built tolerance yet. I guess I'll find out because I plan to continue taking it.

Post 1

I tend to have a low tolerance for medications and herbs. I usually take half of the recommended dosage for any medication and it works fine.

I want to take kava kava for anxiety. Will a half tablespoon of kava kava root work well for someone like me?

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