How do I Choose the Best Jeans for Short Men?

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It can sometimes be difficult to find jeans for short men when so many clothing stores primarily sell jeans that are tailored to suit taller men. There are, however, certain styles that help accentuate the features of short men while downplaying their lack of height. These styles include low rise, boot-cut, tapered or even custom made jeans.

The first thing that should be done before beginning to shop for jeans for short men is to take accurate measurements. This will provide a better idea of what size to look for and save time during shopping. To get measurements for jeans, first measure around the man's waist using a tape measure. Then, measure the inseam, which is the area from the crotch to the ankle. It's often a good idea for the man to wear shoes while measuring the inseam so that he can make note of exactly where he wants the bottom of the jeans to fall.

Once the measurements have been taken, it's time to begin the search. The ideal jeans for short men are ones that can help to give the appearance of being taller. Not all styles of jeans can offer this, but there are a few that serve this purpose quite well.


Choosing jeans with a low rise style is often the best option for short men. Normal rise jeans with regular inseams can create an awkward appearance on shorter men, because the crotch extends lower than it would on taller men. Low rise jeans naturally have shorter inseams which help flatter the proportions of short men.

Boot-cut jeans are often another possibility for short men. They too tend to give the illusion of added height by slightly extending over the shoe. In addition, boot-cut jeans can also give the man a leaner appearance.

Tapered jeans are another option that can often be flattering. These are sometimes called skinny jeans and also have a short inseam. This style of jeans tends to make the leg look longer, which helps maximize the apparent height.

Custom made jeans are sometimes the only choice for very short men. There are certain stores and websites that cater to short men. They can take the measurements and create custom jeans that will properly contour to the man's proportions. These retailers can usually be found either by searching online or by contacting local men's clothing stores in one's area.


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