How do I Choose the Best Italian Office Furniture?

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It has a reputation for being high-quality, durable and luxurious, so it's no wonder that you have an interest in buying Italian office furniture. Italian furniture is known for its clean, strong lines. It can add sophistication to any office. Before you start shopping for Italian office furniture, decide whether you're going for a contemporary, modern or old-world look. You also should know that specific Italian regions are known for certain types of furniture and that you can complement your Italian motif by choosing the right accessories.

You should decide whether you're looking for Italian office furniture with extremely modern, contemporary or traditional feels to them. Textures and patterns in these furniture types can vary considerably, with contemporary pieces generally being warmer, softer and more comfortable than the others. Furniture considered to be "old world" can be legitimate antiques, or they can be replications. Either way, old-world furniture appears to be aged, boasts earthy colors and can have intricate designs.

When shopping for Italian office furniture, keep in mind that Tuscan furniture can come in different varieties. Tuscany produces furniture that can be classified as contemporary and rustic. The contemporary variety can be very modern and reflect the latest trends in furniture-making, and the rustic kind can have a type of old-world charm to it. Italian office furniture originating from Tuscany can be made from many materials, including leather, cypress and chestnut wood.


Leather is, of course, a popular characteristic of Italian furniture. It can offer an air of elegance and class to many types of offices. If you're looking to make your office feel warmer and more inviting, you might choose furniture with satin nickel metal in it. Even steel can help contribute to the comfort of a space.

Cosmetic window frontages play an important part in Italian-style decoration. To ensure that your office decor remains complementary to your furniture, select window and door dressings that have earthy colors. Large ornamental items should be avoided. Generally, burnished items with fine textures are favorable over those that are garish and large.

Even the best of Italian furniture can be complemented. Consider buying more Italian accents and decor to agree with your office furniture. Throws, pillows made with Italian fabrics and pottery all can work to add more Italian charm to your office.

You should try to purchase Italian office furniture that comes directly from Italy. Buying from Italian manufacturers can guarantee the furniture's authenticity and quality. If there aren't any Italian office furniture dealers in your region, consider looking for some online.


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Post 2

@rundocuri- I have had both types of furniture in my home, and I prefer the look of cypress wood. I like that the grain in this type of wood has swirl-like patterns, which I think is beautiful. This is particularly nice on large surfaces like desktops.

Post 1

I like both cypress and chestnut wood, but I'm not sure which one is more durable. Does anyone have any suggestions when it comes to choosing between these two types of Italian office furniture?

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