How do I Choose the Best Island Hood?

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To choose the best island hood to hang over your range you should consider several things. The location of the island is important, as is the orientation of the kitchen. Also important is purchasing the correct size island hood. A hood that is too large is a waste of money and can be an obstruction in your kitchen. An island range hood that is too small will not effectively clean the air.

Island hoods work like other range hoods in that they clean the air in the kitchen. Because of their location, they are often ductless, which means that the air in the kitchen passes through a series of filters before returning to the kitchen. The effectiveness of this type of hood depends greatly on the effectiveness of the filters.

If you choose an island hood that uses permanent filters, you can increase the efficiency of the hood by keeping these filters clean. If your range hood has disposable filters, it is important to regularly change the filters so that they can easily clean the air. Not only does a dirty filter make it harder for the island hood to effectively clean the air but it also makes the motor of the island range hood work harder as it pumps air.


Another consideration when choosing an island hood is what is on either side of the island. If your island opens onto a sitting area in the home, you will want to be sure that the range hood offers plenty of clearance. This is so that you can interact with your family and guests while cooking. A range hood that hangs low over the range will obscure your vision and quickly become a nuisance.

A good looking island range hood can provide a dynamic look for your home. In an uncluttered floor plan, an island hood provides a bold accent as well as a useful kitchen accessory. Island hoods do not work for all homes however. In some kitchens, the design and layout are not compatible with an overhead hood.

If the set-up of your kitchen means that any range hood will block the view between the kitchen and the adjoining room you may want to consider a downdraft vent. Downdraft vents are installed in the cabinets beside the range. They pull air into the vents from the sides, cleaning and filtering the air and sending it back into the kitchen.


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Post 1 there a particular style of island hood vent for an island range, or do you just have to pick a style of range hood that is as small and out of the way as possible?

The downdraft vent that the article describes sounds like it would suit an island's mobility and function to be accessible from more than one side better than the traditional range hood. However, I really like how a vent hood looks on my stoves -- it would feel like something was missing to leave it out.

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