How do I Choose the Best Iron Security Doors?

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The best iron security doors are ones that offer the desired level of security and are also a good aesthetic match for their surroundings. Iron doors and gates have been used for centuries to protect entrances to all kinds of spaces including private homes, public buildings, places of worship, gardens, and even palaces. The first consideration when choosing iron security doors is the size of the entrance that they are meant to fit within. If the entrance is of a standard size, then there will be plenty of options available. However, if the entrance is an odd size or is oversized, it may be necessary to order bespoke iron security doors, which can be quite a bit pricier than prefabricated models.

The second consideration for an iron security door is whether it is meant to be used alone or in combination with another door. This mostly has to do with whether the doors will be used to create a barrier between an interior and an exterior space. For example, an iron security door that is used along with a solid door may be used simply for security and, perhaps, aesthetic value, rather than insulation or protection from the elements. In other cases, iron security doors are the only door between an interior space and the outside, meaning that they have to fit flush to the door frame instead of simply creating a framework of metal bars.


Aesthetics should also be considered. There are many iron security doors that are designed with beautiful twists, turns, angles, and symmetry to the placements, spacing, and curvature of the iron bars. Some are quite simple and austere while others include loops, curls, and scrolls. In order to choose the best iron security doors, choose doors that have a pattern or evoke a shape that works well with the interior space that they protect, the overall exterior look of the building, or both.

The price of iron security doors is also a consideration. The size and detail of the gates will affect the price. For highly crafted doors, the price might be quite high, upwards of thousands of US dollars. Other, more simple models may be as inexpensive as $200 USD for a single door. For collectors of antiques, there are also antique iron security doors that can be purchased. These, however, may not fit standard door frames.


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