How do I Choose the Best Ionic Trace Minerals?

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The process of choosing the right ionic trace mineral supplement for each individual involves taking the time to become knowledgeable about what the nutritional supplement does, determining if it has been produced from natural minerals, and learning the correct dosage. Since vitamins and healthy fats often take center stage, it is not uncommon for the general public to be unaware of the importance of ionic trace minerals. These minerals are comprised of well known substances, including silver, zinc, and potassium. Past generations were able to ingest the trace elements from simply eating healthy and fresh grains and vegetables. Modern farming techniques have removed much of the ionic minerals from the earth, and the food grown no longer contains enough of them to adequately supply the health needs of the people.

Ionic trace minerals are responsible for supporting several key systems in the body, including regulating electrical impulses connected with muscle function and cell osmosis operation. Without the presence of charged minerals in the body, most if not all muscle and organ function, including that of the heart and brain, is severely limited or stopped. Ionic minerals are so named because they are made of an element that is positively or negatively charged, resulting in too many or too few electrons. Choosing a supplement with ionic minerals ensures their ability to bond with water because of their electron instability, allowing the body to more efficiently absorb the trace elements.


Most holistic and conventional medical experts agree that the best types of ionic trace minerals to introduce to the body are produced from natural sources. This practice ensures the client is not exposed to potentially harmful chemicals not intended for consumption, and that the product is as effective as possible. There are no man made substitutions for these vital nutritional supplements. When selecting ionic trace minerals, the consumer can find the source of the minerals listed on the product label or on the manufacturer's website.

The type of ionic mineral supplement chosen will determine the correct daily dosage for each person. Tablet supplements typically contain 1500 mg of essential minerals, and it is suggested that 1 or 2 tablets be taken along with each meal. Liquid concentrates are available as well. Most adults should take a 1 oz serving each day, either in water or juice, or followed by drinking a beverage. Minerals in these quantities are not safe for young children and should be stored out of their reach.


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