How do I Choose the Best Invoice Template?

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Nearly every business has a need to send an invoice to clients at some point. Despite the importance of this type of form, many business owners do not know where to start when it comes to making one, which is why an invoice template is often appealing. This kind of pre-made form is often found for free online and can be considered a good way to save time, but there are many types available. Choosing the best one requires you to consider a few details. Before you pick an invoice template, think about what you sell, what information you need to list, and how much detail you want to include.

If you primarily sell products, you will need a different invoice template than someone who offers services. Forms that are tailored toward companies that sell products often include a space to record the quantity sold, the price per unit, tax, and even the date the products have shipped. Such information is not necessary on an invoice template for a company that sells services rather than products. Instead, such forms would need to include the number of hours worked, the price per hour, and the date when the services were completed. Therefore, it is important to take into account what your business sells before choosing an invoice template.


Similarly, it is crucial that you consider what information you want on the template before you choose. Most professional invoices include the contact information of both the business and the client, as well as the date and a total price. Anything else is usually up to the business owner. For example, if you sometimes offer discounts, you may wish to include a space for this on your invoice template. You should also note whether you typically charge tax for your products or services so you know whether the order invoice you choose should include this section.

Some business owners like simple invoices that list only the date, contact information, and total price, with little description of the products or services sold. Others prefer lots of space to include a detailed description of each item sold. This may help with recordkeeping, but if you only ever sell one type of product or service, it may be unnecessary. The amount of space for information is just another aspect to consider before you choose the best invoice template for your company.


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