How do I Choose the Best Inversion Chair?

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It can be difficult to choose an inversion chair, a device that tilts the user backward until his or her head is below the level of the rest of the body, although typically not all the way upside down. A wide range of chairs are available, and many shoppers decide to buy them after seeing them on television or online, without having any hands-on experience. Testing an inversion chair is a great way to become familiar with what they feel like. Many gyms have inversion chairs, and it might be helpful to use one under the supervision of a trainer. If it seems comfortable, you can find out what brand of inversion chair the gym has and see whether it fits your requirements.

Many people choose to get inversion chairs for their health benefits. Many doctors recommend inversion devices for back pain relief, because inversion devices stretch the back while decompressing the spine. They also increase blood flow to the head and stretch the joints.

Some people find inversion chairs more comfortable than inversion tables, because chairs put less stress on the ankles. As helpful as inversion chairs can be for your health, it is important to get approval from your doctor before using one. Your doctor might also have recommendations about which type or brand may be best for you.


One of the most important specifics to look for on inversion chairs is weight and height limits. You want to make sure that the chair can comfortably support the person it is meant to invert. Many chairs post a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds (113 kg), but others go up to 600 pounds (272 kg). Many inversion chair manufacturers also list minimum and maximum heights, and it is important to make sure that the range fits your needs.

Another factor to consider is ease of use. Most chairs have handles and straps to help the user maneuver while in the chair. Some of the more expensive chairs also have preset angles that allow the user to ensure that they will not invert more than is comfortable.

Other than ease of use, ease of assembly is important. Reading product reviews online can help you get a feel for how difficult other customers have found the assembly process. A related factor is ease of storage. Some inversion chairs fold up for storage, and this could be a consideration if your space is limited.

Finally, it is always important to find information on any warranties before purchase. Most reputable manufacturers warranty their inversion chairs for at least a year. Finding a chair with a longer warranty will allow you to trust the durability of the chair.


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@ocelot60- Though you may be experienced with assembling items that need put together when you get them home, I would not recommend assembling your new inversion chair without professional help. These chairs can be difficult to put together, and safety is a key factor. All of the parts need to be in place so that the occupant can safely operate the inversion chair without slipping and falling.

Once you find the inversion chair that you want to purchase, check with the sales representative for set up and assembly services and prices. Often, stores provide these services at affordable prices or even at no cost to the customers.

Post 1

I am thinking about getting an inversion chair to help with my back pain issues. I am usually pretty good about assembling these types of items, so I am planning to put my inversion chair together myself. Does anyone have any thoughts about how difficult or easy this task may be?

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