How do I Choose the Best International Online Pharmacy?

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An international online pharmacy is a business that provides clients with prescription drugs and arranges for shipment across international borders. This industry grew exponentially during the first decade of the 21st century because of increases in the security of Internet payment methods and cultural changes surrounding the purchase of prescription medications. There are a large number of international online pharmacy operations, and when choosing one, it is important to carefully weigh the benefits and risks associated with this type purchase.

There are four major items to consider when looking for the best international online pharmacy: security of personal information, quality of medication, validation process and costs. Aside from these four items, it is important to learn about the legalities surrounding the shipment of prescription drugs. Every country has different rules, and it is important to be aware of what types of medication are illegal to possess or import.

Check the pharmacy's personal data management policy before placing any orders. All large companies have a privacy commissioner or officer who is responsible for ensuring compliance and issue resolution. Think about the type of information that you are providing to the international online pharmacy, and do not provide any data that is not required.


Look at the list of products that the pharmacy can provide. It is important to ensure that the products are provided by legitimate manufacturing firms. This is necessary to validate the quality of the medication. Keep in mind that there are two types of prescription drugs, name brand and generic. The prescription might be for a specific medication, but many insurance companies require the use of a lower-cost generic product when it is available. The primary difference between these types of medications is the level of quality assurance testing used.

Read the instructions provided on the Website to learn the acceptable methods of placing an order, and determine what the authorization process is. All legitimate companies will require a prescription issued by a licensed medical professional. Avoid any online pharmacy that does not have an authentication process for the prescriptions they fill. This is a good sign that the prescription drugs provided are not legitimate.

The cost of the medication from an international online pharmacy is the primary motivation for using this type of service. Prescription drug prices typically are set through a series of agreements between the manufacturing or distributing company and the federal government. There can be substantial differences in pricing between countries for exactly the same medication. These lower costs are passed on to consumers, often resulting in significant savings.


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People who live on the borders of Mexico or Canada have the advantage when it comes to purchasing international online pharmaceuticals. They can cross the border to check out different pharmacies and determine which ones are reputable and have online shopping options. Patients can then order their prescriptions online, and pick them up in person to avoid shipping and handling costs.

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Shopping for your medications through an international online pharmacy can help you save a lot of money on your prescription costs each year. This is especially helpful to seniors and people who are on limited budgets and must take multiple prescription medications or expensive drugs.

Though it is important to make sure that any international pharmacy you buy from is reputable, this is easy to determine. You can usually fine endorsements and accreditation on an international pharmacy website that you can check with to put your mind at ease and begin saving on your prescriptions.

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