How do I Choose the Best Inner Thigh Exercises?

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Choosing the best inner thigh exercises depends on a number of different factors such as why you want to train your inner thigh muscles, your current level of fitness and whether you have access to gym equipment. Many men and women want to train inner thigh muscles in order to lose weight from the upper legs. Unfortunately, trying to sport train for fat reduction is not effective. Inner thigh exercises, however, can be useful for toning muscles. Some examples of inner thigh exercises which can build leg muscles include straight leg lifts, squats and lunges.

If you want to lose weight, then just relying on inner thigh exercises is unlikely to achieve good results. This is because cardiovascular exercises are required in order to increase heart rate and burn calories. Exercises that simply involve strengthening the leg will not burn many calories and hence are not suitable for getting rid of cellulite or losing weight. For this reason if you want to see more definition in your leg muscles then you need a combination of muscle strengthening exercises to get firm thighs and cardiovascular exercise to lose weight.


A factor that will help decide the best inner thigh exercises for you is whether you are a member of a local gym. If so, then weight training leg muscle exercises can achieve much faster results than non-weight bearing exercises. For example, leg curls and leg extensions using gym equipment will help to provide an intense thigh workout.

One of the best inner thigh exercises is cycling as it not only will help you to tone but it’ll also burn a large number of calories. As with any exercise you should always start slowly and build up in order to avoid injury. Other examples of cardiovascular exercise which can create firmer thighs include using an elliptical cross trainer, jogging and swimming.

Many people want to see more definition in leg muscles and to achieve this they perform a high number of repetitions of particular exercises. While this will work in some situations it isn’t the most effective way of building muscle. It’s more important to perform the exercise with a load that encourages muscle growth while at the same time isn’t too heavy. If an exercise is performed with little or no load then even a large number of repetitions will have little effect. Too much weight, however, and the likelihood of injury increases.


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Lunges are great leg exercises that give your inner thighs a toning workout. When you do them, it is important to remember to do the same amount of lunges on each leg. This will give you uniform results.

Post 1

Walking is also a good exercise to build up inner thigh muscles. If you want to try walking as an exercise for your inner thighs, there are some steps you can take to make the most out of this workout.

First, get a pair of exercise shoes that are made especially for walking. They will maximize your strides while absorbing shock

Next, find a safe walking trail that has hills. Walking up a hill is a good way to give your inner thigh muscles a toning workout.

As you are walking, take long strides. This will lengthen, strengthen, and tone all of your leg muscles, especially those of your inner thighs.

Finally, make sure you walk enough. Doing this walking regimen at least three times a week will give you the best results.

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