How Do I Choose the Best Injectable Glutathione?

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Glutathione is a naturally occurring protein that is made up of three amino acids, glycine, glutamic acid and cysteine. It is also found in foods and as a nutritional supplement. Injectable glutathione is often the preferred method of administration, as it seems to be more effective than forms such as pills, powders or liquids.

Injectable glutathione is widely available online and marketed mainly as a skin whitening agent. There are concerns, however, regarding the quality of some of the products as well as the safety of a non-trained professional doing the injections. When injections are not administered properly, there is the risk of infection, heart attack and strokes. There are side effects to using glutathione, which include nausea, stomachache and vomiting, and it may be fatal if overused. Care must be taken in the use of any non-regulated cosmetic treatment, so it makes sense that injectable glutathione be taken only under the supervision of a trained health professional.


When buying injectable glutathione online, the majority of the products come from the Philippines. There are some products that have been approved for use by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration, so it would be wise to stick to these products. The administration has withdrawn some products because they did not contain sufficient amounts of glutathione, meaning that fraudulent sellers do exist. It should also be kept in mind that the approval did not necessarily apply to all of the claims made by the sellers. Injectable glutathione is not cheap, and its effects, if any, are not guaranteed to last, so this is another issue buyers should consider.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant found in all human cells. It is vital for the detoxification and elimination of free radicals, which, if allowed to accumulate in the body, result in oxidative stress. The tripeptide protein plays a major role in the functioning of the immune system, especially the health of the white blood cells.

Injectable glutathione is used in the treatment of many diseases and conditions such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, which are linked to oxidative stress. Some also claim that it is effective for whitening the skin and slowing the aging process. There are very few studies supporting the efficacy of glutathione in these cases, however, with the most evidence supporting its effectiveness in preventing some of the toxic side effects of chemotherapy.


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Post 3

Be careful of buying glutathione injectables because a lot are fake. Some claims to be 3000mg with these and that and some 5000mg per vial and even 30,000 those are fake.

I recommend GSH Ultima 1500mg glutathione injection with vitamin C. It's the only brand that works for me. I love the glowing effect, plus my skin is moisturized and so smooth and of course, the fast skin lightening effect, especially in the darker areas.

Post 2

I totally agree Talentryto. There must be other ways for someone wanting this type of supplement to get this type of protein. I would not feel comfortable injecting it into my body.

Post 1

Glutathione injections sound like they have the potential to be dangerous if not given under the direction of a doctor. I would certainly consult a medical professional before injecting anything into my body. In addition to side effects, you could be risking infection or worse if you don't know how to properly use a hypodermic needle.

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