How Do I Choose the Best Illuminating Concealer?

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When selecting an illuminating concealer, it is important to consider the degree to which the product reflects light, its weight and texture, as well as the range of colors in which it is available. You should also consider its cost and whether the product will work well with other cosmetics that you are using. In some cases, an illuminating concealer in a shade lighter than what you might normally wear can also be used as a highlighter and may prove to be more subtle than cosmetics sold exclusively for highlighting purposes.

The term illuminating concealer is often used to describe a corrective makeup product that contains an ingredient that enables it to reflect light. While the degree of this light reflection varies by product, ostensibly this quality can give skin a more youthful appearance and help conceal any lines or discolorations. Some makeup experts warn that this shimmery quality, instead of offering illumination, actually makes the skin appear oily and greasy. The shimmer, if overdone, may also increase the appearance of facial lines, particularly around the eyes.


Another consideration when selecting a concealer is how well it actually conceals facial flaws. Many concealers come in natural colors that can match your skin tone. Some brands, however, make so-called corrective-color concealers that are supposed to address problems such as redness. Redness concealers are often available in green or yellow. Although these can be helpful if you have very ruddy skin, they can also give you an unnatural appearance unless you are using the product for photography makeup.

In general, it is best to use the lightest textured concealer that is actually effective on your skin. Heavy concealer can make you look too made up and may be uncomfortable to wear. Very light concealers, on the other hand, may simply not offer you the coverage that you need. When trying out concealers, consider several different degrees of coverage until you find the concealer that works for you. You may also want to try out concealers that come in different forms, as many women find that wand or pen applicators are extremely convenient and work well to protect the product from drying out.

If you are interested in trying an illuminating concealer, don't base your selection on how the concealer from a counter test tube looks on your hand. Speak to a sales associate about getting a sample that you can take home and try out for a few days. If samples are unavailable, ask whether the product is returnable.


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