How do I Choose the Best IELTS&Reg; Software?

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Many students who are preparing to take the International English Language Testing System exam, a commonly recognized English language proficiency test, may be able to benefit from finding the best software available for IELTS™ training and preparation. The best kinds of IELTS® software match the student’s abilities to learn more about the test, and focus on specific items that will be included in the IELTS®. Some of the best programs also have special features that are useful for self-study.

One of the biggest tips for choosing the best IELTS® software for studying for the exam is that the self study materials should cover all applicable categories of the test. The exam is made up of four main portions, including reading, writing, listening and speaking. Any effective IELTS® program should address each of these categories. It’s also helpful for the software to address both the “general level” test, and the more advanced academic level.

Another way to find the best software for IELTS® self-study is to reference some of the sites of the agencies and organizations responsible for maintaining the test. One of these is the British Council. On the British Council web site, readers can find tips on self study, as well as mock IELTS® materials that effectively show the kinds of items that will be on the test. Students can do some study activities on the website, or use the available resources to compare what an available software program has to offer.

A student who is practicing for the IELTS® should also try to get software programs and other resources that meet them at the student's specific level. The goal is to advance the students level gradually and by increments. Some software or books may not be at the right level, and may not be as effective for self study.

Much of the best IELTS® software addresses the individual tasks involved in the test clearly. This includes the three main components of the speaking portion, multiple-choice scenario aspects of the listening portion, passage comprehension for reading, and essay skills for writing. Good IELTS® software often has a robust interactive component, helping students to judge their progress through quizzes or other items. Extra features like time prompts can also help students with more advanced planning for taking the test.

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