How Do I Choose the Best Ice Cream Cones?

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When choosing ice cream cones, you should take into consideration their size, color, and texture. You should also pay attention to the cones' ingredients if you or those who will be eating the cones have any dietary restrictions. Your budget should also be a consideration, particularly because some artisan waffle cones can be costly. Personal preferences should also be taken into consideration when choosing cones, as many people can be very adamant about the type of ice cream cones they prefer to eat.

An ice cream cone is typically an edible receptacle for ice cream that is either shaped like a column or that has a narrow handle for a base. The cone can be held in a person's hand so that he can eat his ice cream without using a spoon. There are several different types of ice cream cones on the market. Cake cones are typically made from a crisp, puffed wafer pastry and have a very bland taste. Sugar cones are hard and sweet, while waffle cones are typically individually made on a specially designed waffle iron. Ice cream cones come in a variety of sizes, colors, and flavors, and some may even be dipped in chocolate. There are even non-edible ice cream cones on the market, eliminating at least some of the calories that are typically ingested when consuming ice cream.


As ice cream cones can come in several different sizes, you'll want to select a size suitable for your household, business, or event. Depending on the occasion, you may also want to select cones that are tinted different colors for a festive touch. It is possible to purchase gluten-free ice cream cones, and if you plan to serve ice cream to a large number of people, you may wish to have some of these cones on hand to address your guests' dietary needs.

Some people have a strong preference for sugar or waffle cones over cake cones. Cake cones can often be very bland and become soft more quickly when filled with ice cream. This can result in a soggy cone for those who eat their ice cream slowly, which some people find very disagreeable. On the other hand, sugar cones, and especially waffle cones, can have significantly more calories than cake cones. If calorie control is a concern, the use of cake cones may be a better choice than higher-calorie alternatives.


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