How do I Choose the Best Humidifier for a Baby?

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One of the best ways to fight congestion in a baby is by purchasing a nursery humidifier, but there are a few types on the market. Initially, you should decide whether you want an ultrasonic, cool mist, or warm humidifier, as each has its pros and cons. You should also find out how much noise each one makes, taking into consideration whether your baby sleeps well with background noise, or needs complete silence. Finally, before choosing the best humidifier for a baby, think about the length of time the product can run without needing to be refilled with water.

The ultrasonic humidifier can typically create either a cool or warm mist in the air. It is known for being quiet, and also reducing the growth of viruses or bacteria, but it is also usually the most expensive type available. Another popular kind of humidifier for a baby is the cool mist type, which is ideal for helping to treat asthma, but tends to result in bacterial growth due to the cold water. On the other hand, a warm humidifier may keep bacterial growth down, but it can also be considered a fire hazard. Weigh the pros and cons of each type before you choose the best humidifier for a baby.


Some humidifiers make a little bit of noise, but this may be an advantage since some babies sleep best with white noise in the background. On the other hand, there are humidifiers that are nearly silent, but they tend to be more expensive. Consider whether your baby can handle noise in the nursery before you make this choice, as there is likely little point to a humidifier for a baby that will keep him up all night, especially when he is sick.

Another point to ponder is the length of time that the humidifier can run without someone refilling the water. The majority of products can go anywhere from 8 to 24 hours, with the longer-running products usually being the most expensive. Most product descriptions can give you an idea of the exact amount of hours, but not surprisingly, humidifiers with larger tanks tend to run the longest. Of course, this may not be an important detail if you are okay with refilling the water a couple times a day, especially since doing so can usually save you money. If your child sleeps longer than eight hours at a time, however, or you are particularly busy, you may want to spend the extra money on a longer-running humidifier for a baby.


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