How do I Choose the Best Hospitality Internship?

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When deciding on the best hospitality internship, you may first want to consider what your ultimate goal within the industry is, and aim for a position that will help guide you there. If your career ambition tends to lean toward event planning, then you may wish to interview with a resort that has plenty of ballroom space and a reputation for hosting weddings or corporate functions. You might get more out of working with the executive team, however, if your desire is to manage a hotel someday. For unique opportunities, cruise ships are a fun avenue to explore when making your decision. Regardless of your long-term plans, choosing a hospitality internship with a successful company who employs competent staff will teach you the necessary skills to begin your career.

You may have decided to enter the hospitality and tourism industry because of an interest in obtaining a job in event planning. Social galas and weddings are usually planned by a hotel's social sales department. Corporate functions and group sales are often handled by conference services. If you are interested in this side of the business, a hospitality internship that starts out in either of these areas will likely give you great insight into the demands of event management.


A hotel's food and beverage department might be an excellent choice for people who are interested in menu planning and catering for large functions. If you are not fond of the idea of working in a hotel environment, there are usually high-end restaurants or catering companies with promising hospitality internship programs available. Venues or banquet halls in your area may also be willing to hire and train you. While most opportunities exist on dry land, you may be able to obtain a position aboard a cruise ship.

Cruise management is a great career for those who enjoy traveling. This area of the industry can give you a completely different type of experience that encompasses a wide range of possibilities. Knowledge can be gained in areas of on-board entertainment coordination, operations, safety regulations and other related areas of tourism attainable through this type of hospitality internship.

Since there are so many options available to you, feel free to interview with several companies within the industry and see what you feel will be the best fit. Be sure to ask a lot of questions. This will not only help you make your decision, but it should give you a better understanding about the various opportunities the profession provides.


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