How Do I Choose the Best Hospital Socks?

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If you are in the market for hospital socks, you may want to think about who might wear them. You might, for example, want different socks for children than for senior citizens. Hospital socks should fit the feet comfortably without constricting them or being too loose. Visiting a medical supply store can help you learn about the different choices, and you may be able to get a discount if you purchase an entire lot.

Hospital socks come in many sizes, styles, and colors, so it can be easy to find these socks for nearly anyone. Children's socks may have bright stripes or pictures of animals, while adult socks could be solid-colored. Hospitals often give patients who are at risk of falling red non-skid socks, so you may want to buy this color for a senior citizen if they are particularly frail. Some socks have tread not only on the soles, but also on the ankles or toes, so you may want to consider these non-slip socks for patients who are at risk of falling.


It can be a good idea to try on hospital socks before you buy them. That way, you can make sure they fit properly because poorly-fitting socks may not prevent you from falling. If you have to stretch the socks a great deal when placing them on the feet, they are likely too small. The socks should fit snugly around the ankle, but not constrict it, so if they are loose in this area they are likely too big. Most hospital socks maintain their size and shape even after several washings, so you do not normally need to be concerned about shrinkage.

Although you can buy hospital socks in many department stores, a medical supply store often has a wider selection to choose from. You may want to look at non-slip socks with different types of tread so you can see which variety you might like best. If you are able to walk around in these hospital socks, you can get a better idea of how well they might grip, especially if the store has both carpeted and tile flooring.

Hospital socks are generally inexpensive, but you may be able to save money by purchasing several dozen. This can be a good idea if you are buying non-skid socks for your entire family or if you plan to wear these socks on a daily basis. Since these socks generally last a long time, the investment could pay off for many years to come.


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Post 2

Just make sure you don't get compression socks by mistake! I did that once, and my mom nearly killed me! She wanted warm, non-skid hospital socks. I just called the medical supply store and asked for "hospital socks." They sent these TED socks that patients wear during surgery!

I had to send them back and go to the store and pick out some good warm socks. Something else to remember: if a person has swelling in the ankles (like my mom), you don't want the socks to fit too closely, because they will be uncomfortable.

Post 1

Non-skid socks are worth every penny if you have a relative who is prone to falling. Sometimes, it's just that their feet fly out from under them, and the treads help prevent that. They're able to get some traction on a hard wood, tile or linoleum floor with non-skid socks.

Hospital socks should also keep a person's feet warm. Older people often complain of having cold feet, and a cozy pair of hospital socks will help keep their feet warm, which will make them more comfortable. This is very important in a hospital setting. Comfortable people are happier people.

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