How Do I Choose the Best Honey Mustard Marinade?

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A honey mustard marinade can be one of the essential condiments in a kitchen cupboard or refrigerator. Many commercially bottled preparations will be available in any local market, most anywhere in the world. They will taste subtly different, sometimes uniquely so. The “best” honey mustard marinade is a matter of individual taste. In order to choose one that you might like, consider its main components: the honey, the mustard and liquids used for thinning the mixture.

Together, honey and mustard represent one of the classic flavor combinations in cooking. It is a sweet and savory pairing of two ingredients which are available throughout the world in regional varieties and preparations. A honey mustard marinade can be used to impart flavor to a wide range of foods. One simple way to choose a marinade at a store is to check the label to see if it was produced by a local or regional company.


Although honey has an indefinite shelf-life measured in centuries, a bee colony must make the golden nectar from local, seasonal flowers. Locally produced honey will contain a subtle taste and smell of familiarity to wherever you live. Read the ingredients list of a bottle of honey mustard marinade for any specific identification of the type of honey used. Some things to look for include: flower source, “raw” honey, and processes such as creamed or whipped honey. If unspecified, it will likely contain a less flavorful, heat-pasteurized blend of multiple honey sources.

Many mustards are also regionally made. One of the most famous is the Dijon region of France which produces a mustard characterized by coarsely ground mustard seed and the inclusion of both vinegar and white wine. Mustards from the United Kingdom often use mustard seed flour, plus water. Varieties from elsewhere in the world may use different types of mustard seed, liquids and spices to create different flavors and control mustard’s characteristic pungency. Prepared jars of mustard, plus honey, are also quite common.

The basic honey mustard marinade takes the two ingredients, in usually equal measure, and adds oil and an acidic ingredient to them. Olive oil and white wine vinegar are good choices, but you can choose whatever you like. This is also a typical formula for honey mustard salad dressing. Many people use their favorite bottle of dressing for leafy green salads, pasta and potato salads, as well as for marinating meats to be cooked on a grill. This is one of the best ways of choosing your own marinade.

The ingredients are simple enough to create your own homemade marinade. Individually acquire to your taste, a honey, a mustard, an oil and a vinegar. Mix them together, and add just a few other seasonings or spices you think would complement your meat. Almost any grilled meat is good with this marinade, but pork and chicken, if left to soak in the refrigerator for two hours or more, are especially tasty.


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