How Do I Choose the Best Honey Dispenser?

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Finding the right dispenser for your honey can be challenging because honey is so sticky and tends to harden when you leave it out for an extended period. Choosing the right honey dispenser depends on how often you use the dispenser, what you are using the honey for and how often you will need to reheat the honey before using it again. How the dispenser looks might also be something you want to consider.

The classic honey dispenser is the plastic honey bear. Honey stored in a plastic honey bear makes it easy to differentiate the honey from other syrups stored nearby, and the honey can easily be reheated by soaking the plastic bear in hot water. It is also easy to reseal a honey bear dispenser because it comes standard with a screw top.

If you don’t like heating honey in plastic, a ceramic honey dispenser is an option. It can be reheated in a microwave and will not cause problems like metal or other glass dispensers, which can break when heated. In addition, ceramic honey dispensers often make a nice addition to your décor, as they often come in classic styles with a ceramic top and spoon or honey wand to dispense the honey. One disadvantage to this type of dispenser is that ants might be able to slip through the opening, which means you need to cover it with plastic when not in use.


A glass and stainless steel honey dispenser is helpful if you are concerned with easily dispensing the honey. Many of the dispensers have handles that pull back and let you easily pour the honey, from either the top or the bottom of the dispenser. These types of dispensers are easy to use when dispensing a lot of honey but can be messy. It can also be more difficult to heat up the honey, as stainless steel can’t go in the microwave.

One variation on the glass and stainless steel honey dispenser is a similar unit that comes with a wooden wand. The wand is usually attached to the top of the dispensers or comes as an added component. It can be convenient to have a wooden wand to dispense honey in tea, but it can be messy and difficult to clean.

Regardless of the type of dispenser you choose, storing your honey in a cool environment away from direct sunlight will make it easier to handle. Keep it tightly sealed to keep pests, such as ants, from stealing your honey. When stored this way, honey can last indefinitely.


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Post 3

Those pictures really help me to know what you are talking about.

Post 2

I am very concerned about the chemicals that leach into our food and by extension our bodies from plastic. For that reason I only use a ceramic honey dispenser. I eat a lot of honey and I usually heat it up to make it easier to pour so it was imperative to me that I find an alternative to plastic.

Post 1

Even though I usually do not like the honey that comes inside them, the little honey bear is still the best and most charming dispenser that I have ever come across.

I bought some about a year ago, used up the honey, washed it out and now I refill it with quality local honey that I get from my health food store. It has all the charm and utility plus some really good honey.

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