How do I Choose the Best Homeopathic Weight Loss Treatment?

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The best homeopathic weight loss treatments are solutions that have been specifically prescribed based on an individual's own personal weight symptoms. The most popular treatments are argentum nitricum, capsicum and lycopodium, among many others. Since homeopathic treatment takes a more rounded view of approaching health, exercise and stress management are also emphasized when using homeopathy for weight loss. Homeopathic weight loss methods are safe and effective in most individuals, especially when lifestyle changes occur to help maximize the weight loss efforts, such as increasing levels of physical activity in a safe and healthy manner.

One of the best homeopathic remedies for weight loss is called argentum nitricum, which is used to reduce, but not necessarily eliminate, the overall desire for sweets. This homeopathic weight loss remedy also reduces the desire for carbohydrates and is used to help prevent the over-consumption of this macronutrient. This makes sense, as excessive carbohydrates are converted into sugar within the body, being stored as fat for later energy usage. It is generally recommended that two doses are taken throughout the day, one in the morning and one in the evening, but this depends on the individual's own symptoms and eating behavior.


Capsicum is also used widely in homeopathic weight loss remedies, as it helps increase the function of the digestive tract to aid in the proper transit of food. A key ingredient in capsicum is called capsaicin, and some studies have shown it to be beneficial for blood sugar levels. As uncontrolled high blood sugar levels can lead to cravings and weight gain, capsicum, or more particularly capsaicin, is seen as a powerful tool for fighting undesirable weight gain in many individuals. Natural sources of capsaicin include red peppers, and they are seen as a whole food approach to receiving the beneficial compound.

Another popular homeopathic remedy for weight loss is lycopodium, as this also helps reduce the cravings for sweets and refined carbohydrates. The recommended dosage is usually the same as argentum nitricum, yet this depends on the individual's conditions. Most homeopathic and holistic physicians treat the body as a whole, and recommend lifestyle changes that will help facilitate overall change at a faster rate, rather than having individuals relying only on a quick remedy. These lifestyle changes include handling stress effectively and exercising, as these mind and body approaches can aid in achieving weight loss goals.


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Post 4

@Laotionne - You are right to be concerned about artificial sweeteners. They may make you crave even more sweets and other products that contain artificial sweeteners. I think the weight loss supplements like argentum nitricum deal with taste, so they will probably help with artificial sweeteners too.

However, you should ask your doctor to be sure. In the long run, I think natural sugar is going to turn out to be seen as better than the artificial sweeteners. You just have to learn to limit the amounts you take in.

Post 3

The article talks about how homeopathic remedies can stop you from wanting sweets. I love sweets, desserts and candies so I could definitely use this. Another addiction I have is soft drinks, mostly colas. I drink diet drinks because they don't have the sugar that regular sodas have, but they do have artificial sweeteners.

My doctor tells me that the diet drinks might be as bad for me as the ones with sugar. We don't know much about the long term effects of artificial sweeteners, so she has suggested I cut back on the diet sodas too.

So what I want to know is will these homeopathic remedies work to help me not want the artificial sweeteners or do they only work with natural sugar?

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