How do I Choose the Best Home Security Door?

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A home security door is designed to protect not only your home and possessions, but also yourself and your family. Therefore, it’s important to research various kinds of security doors before making a selection. If you determine your current door isn’t safe enough to simply add a security lock, decide whether you want a simple home security door or a more advanced security door system. Make sure the door you choose is designed specifically for the location where you want to install it. In addition to looking at customer reviews and product ratings, consider talking with people you know who have purchased security doors as well as professionals who have experience with home security systems.


Before you begin shopping for a home security door, determine whether a security door or a security lock is the best choice. If you already have a sturdy door made of metal or some other powerful material, you might only need to look at security door locks. Many security door locks are keyless or have remote-control entry and are designed to withstand a burglar’s attempt to remove them with a screwdriver or drill. If your current door isn’t as safe or strong as it could be, you might want to look at full security door systems. Such a system includes a solid-core or metal security door, may include a door alarm, and usually pays attention to the door’s locking system and the hardware used to mount the locking mechanism, brackets, and even peephole.

If you decide on a home security door rather than a security lock for an existing door, you must consider where the door will be located. For example, if it’s the front or back door to your home, you’ll look for a residential security door. Not all security doors have special security locks, so you might want to look for that feature or even shop for an electronic security door. If you often leave your main door open while you’re home, you can add extra protection with a security screen door. If the door is for your patio, balcony, or deck, you’ll probably look for a glass security door or a sliding security door.

Once you’re ready to purchase a home security door, take some time to read customer reviews and ratings of the model you’re considering. You can find such information on company websites as well as websites dedicated to home security systems in general. Certain professionals, such as law enforcement officers and home security installers, can help you determine whether a certain home security door is safe enough. Be sure to talk with people you know, including your neighbors, about the kinds of home security features they might have experience with. Always examine any guarantees and warranties the door’s manufacturer makes.


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