How do I Choose the Best Home Scaffolding?

Amy Hunter

When you shop for home scaffolding, it is important to shop for something that not only fits into your budget but that is also sturdy. Purchasing scaffolding that is less expensive is not a good investment if, when you are on the scaffolding, you don’t feel safe. Home scaffolding is handy for a variety of interior and exterior projects. Roof repair and cleaning the exterior of the home is much easier and safer with scaffolds. Interior scaffolding is wonderful if you have cathedral ceilings and want to paint or clean.

Scaffolding planks help keep workers stable and safe in high places.
Scaffolding planks help keep workers stable and safe in high places.

Home scaffolding is a big investment and many people choose to rent rather than buy if they need scaffolding. How to decide if you should rent rather than buy? If you are planning a straightforward project, such as cleaning the exterior of your home, renting scaffolding makes sense. If you are planning a large do-it-yourself project, such as replacing the siding of your home, then purchasing home scaffolding may be a smart move.

Mobile scaffolding can be moved from location to location easily.
Mobile scaffolding can be moved from location to location easily.

When cleaning the interior or exterior of your home, it is easy to estimate how long you will need the scaffolding. You can do some quick math to determine if renting the scaffold is a significant cost savings over buying. For most annual cleaning chores, renting makes the most economic sense.

For do it yourself projects, such as repairing a roof or damaged siding, the process is a little more complicated. If you have never completed a similar project, estimating how long it will take to complete can be nearly impossible. If you rent home scaffolding for this type of project, you may soon find that you have spent more in rental fees than you would have in purchasing your own set of quality scaffolds.

Whether you rent or buy, there are some basic considerations to make before bringing the scaffolding home. Scaffolding is made up of components that support. These are typically made of metal. The metal supports should be strong, sturdy, and be easy to climb up and down.

You will stand on either wood or metal planks. Some home scaffolding comes with planks as part of the package, while others require that you purchase the planks yourself. If you do not have access to quality lumber, you should make sure the planks are included with the scaffolding. The planks need to be sturdy enough to support not only your weight, but the weight of any helpers and equipment that you may have with you.

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When we were looking to buy some scaffolding we wanted something that was good quality, but found the prices to be quite expensive.

We just kept watching the classified ads for some used scaffolding that someone wanted to sell. The man we ended up buying the scaffolding from had his own painting business and was ready to retire.

This was a good quality scaffolding and was in our price range. Although it had been used a lot, it was well taken care of and I didn't care that it had paint spills on it. Most of our projects were going to be outside where that really didn't matter.


We have been looking at the prices of home scaffolding. We have a log home that needs quite a bit of regular maintenance on the outside. Logs need to be stained and caulked on a regular basis.

My husband has access to some scaffolding through his work, but it can be a hassle making sure it is available when we need it. Then you also have to transport it back and forth every time you want to use it.

Having our own scaffolding would make things a lot easier. We will probably go with a metal one because I don't think I want to take any chances on one that is not very heavy duty.

I have never worked off a scaffolding and have no idea what it feels like, but I would think you want it to be as sturdy as possible if you are working up very high.


Our home has a very tall ceiling in the family room. One of the ceiling fans at the top quit working, and the only way to reach it was by putting up some scaffolding.

One of our friends has a scaffolding that we were able to use to fix the light. This was made of metal and was very sturdy. Even so, I am glad I was not the one who had to climb up there and see what was wrong with the fan.

We had to wait a week for a part, and instead of taking the scaffolding apart and setting it up again, I just left it in the middle of my living room for a week.

I would not have bought a scaffolding for one project like this, and have no idea how much it costs to rent one. I probably wouldn't have left it up for a week if I was being charged for it by the day.

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