How do I Choose the Best Home Microdermabrasion System?

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Microdermabrasion is a minor cosmetic procedure that mechanically sloughs off the dead layers of skin on the body, or more commonly, the face. Microdermabrasion is usually performed with a special exfoliating cream or gel made of aluminum oxide or glycolic acid and a high-speed spinning tool that functions as a tiny sander. Microdermabrasion serves several cosmetic and aesthetic purposes: as an acne treatment, to smooth enlarged pores and flatten wrinkles, and to stimulate collagen production in the skin. Choosing the best system typically depends mainly on personal preference, how it will be used and price.

Microdermabrasion in a doctor's office can be very costly, and treatments usually need to be repeated. Also, professional treatments tend to be harsher and more lengthy than some patients find necessary. Therefore, many consumers turn to a home microdermabrasion system, as it can be less costly and time-consuming. Having your own system also can lengthen the time between professional visits or allow you to experiment with microdermabrasion before turning to a medical or aesthetic professional.


Choosing which home microdermabrasion system to purchase is generally a matter of personal preference as well as educating yourself in the relative quality of each system. Systems come in a wide price range, with the more expensive systems often being of higher quality. More expensive systems also normally offer a choice between using aluminum oxide or the stronger glycolic acid. If you're unsure, you may choose to make an appointment to consult with a dermatologist. The doctor can help you decide whether or not your skin might be irritated by the glycolic acid; many people experience redness and peeling during the initial treatment.

Many major cosmetic and skincare companies now sell at least one home microdermabrasion system, usually at large pharmacies or online. For consumers wanting to try microdermabrasion for the first time or who wish to spend less money, a lower-priced home microdermabrasion system may be a good choice. The lower-priced options often include a hand-held, battery-powered microdermabrasion tool, a tub or tube of aluminum oxide cream, replacement heads or pads for the tool, and an instruction book.

For consumers who have experience with the treatment and who may want to do it themselves at home rather than pay a professional, a more expensive home microdermabrasion system may be a good choice. These higher-priced systems may include glycolic acid rather than aluminum oxide and often include a microdermabrasion tool that can be plugged into an outlet. Higher-end microdermabrasion tools have a vacuum system in addition to a sander, making them more like the instruments used in professional treatments.


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