How do I Choose the Best Home Gym Bench?

Marco Sumayao

Picking out the best home gym bench doesn't necessarily mean buying the most expensive one on the market. The best home gym bench is one that suits your specific needs and is durable enough to last years. You should first pick a bench that best serves the types of workouts you intend to do. Narrow your list down by examining the make of your choices; sturdiness, size, and comfort are important considerations. Your final decision should be determined by which among your top prospects gives you the most value within your budget.

Gym benches should be made of durable metal, because they will need to support heavy weights.
Gym benches should be made of durable metal, because they will need to support heavy weights.

The types of workouts you intend to do are the most important considerations in purchasing any form of home gym equipment. Most individuals choose to buy a bench mainly for doing bench presses. Many types of benches, however, offer far more variety than the average home gym bench. Some benches, for example, have attachments for leg raises, seat extensions for military presses, and other features that allow for more types of exercise. For flexibility, choose the bench that has the most features; for maximizing your budget, choose the bench that addresses the workouts you intend to do the most.

Bench presses can be used to build larger chest and tricep muscles.
Bench presses can be used to build larger chest and tricep muscles.

A home gym bench's make is equally important. Since the bench is meant to support a large amount of weight over a very long period of time, the best choice is one that is made of a sturdy metal alloy. Rust-proofed metal frames will help protect the bench from wear and tear. Thick frames also add to the bench's durability, but the increased weight might make it harder to move the bench around.

The size of the home gym bench is another concern. The bench should fit in your home gym while still providing ample space for you to move around and for your other equipment. It is best to measure the benches you consider, keeping the available space in your workout room in mind.

Comfort is another consideration when it comes to make. It can be discouraging to exercise on a home gym bench that isn't suitable for prolonged use. Test out how comfortable the padding is, as well as how adequately the bench accommodates your body size.

The final concern is budget. Once you've narrowed down your list according to utility and make, you should go for the option that will give you the most value for your money. The goal is to purchase a home gym bench that best fits your needs while staying within your budget.

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@burcinc-- I agree with you and sometimes, it is better to pay more for a gym bench because it's possible to get so much more out of it.

My home gym bench press can be used as a flat bench, as well as a squat rack, leg press, shoulder press and incline bench. It's like a whole body workout, I love it.


It's a good idea to purchase a gym bench after trying it out at a store that sells home gym exercise equipment. It's okay to buy it online because sometimes there are better deals online. But it's a must to try out the equipment at the store first.

My brother bought an affordable gym bench online without even seeing the actual bench. It looked great in the picture, but unfortunately, the support bar was way too small for him so he couldn't even use it. He had to return it.


For those who are worried about space, there are gym benches that can be folded for storage. I have one but it doesn't work well. The bench is kind of heavy and it's so difficult to fold it that I don't even bother even though I don't have that much space in my home.

So if a home gym bench says it's foldable, don't assume that it works.

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