How Do I Choose the Best Holiday Cottage?

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There are several factors that individuals may wish to review in order to choose the best holiday cottage for a vacation. For an enjoyable stay, the size of the cottage, its location, the cost, and the interests of those that will be spending time there should be considered. Cottage living tends to be more private and quiet, so those that wish a more urban setting and active nightlife may not be satisfied in a truly traditional cottage. Additionally, keep in mind that some of these locations may be quite popular and require making reservations well in advance of the stay.

The benefits of a cottage compared to a hotel include the quiet surroundings, relative isolation, and privacy that cottages offer. A hotel room can be noisy with less privacy if all guests are trying to share a common space. Cottages are more like a small house, often with separate rooms. Families with children may prefer the extra space.

Holiday cottages vary in size and amenities offered. The size is important, as families might want more rooms and space while couples might prefer coziness. Amenities vary as well, from very rustic to luxurious. There are even cottages with what could be considered a contemporary design. Individuals thinking of spending a holiday in a cottage home should consider what type of conveniences they would like.


The more amenities, the more expensive the stay in the holiday cottage is likely to be. Decorations and furnishings as well as lakefront and beachfront views often increase the cost. Individuals should consider how much they are willing to spend for certain items or locations and whether they can afford them.

An additional consideration when trying to choose the best holiday cottage is the location and type of activities that are offered nearby. It is important for individuals thinking of renting a holiday cottage to find out ahead of time whether they will be able to pursue their favorite activities and sports. Finding out if the surrounding environment will make it possible to fish, hike, go rafting, climb, or engage in any other activity will greatly assist in making the best choice.

It is generally helpful to ask seek out detailed reviews or to ask others for recommendations. A pamphlet or web site might make a cottage seem one way, while the reality could be completely different. A first hand account of a stay in the cottage, from an unbiased source, will often be invaluable.


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Post 2

@Mykol - You can find nice cottages where there are plenty of activities to keep your kids occupied.

For our family, we think this is the best of both worlds. Many times it is much more economical than staying in a hotel, and you feel more like you are in a home.

I usually make sure the cottages we rent have a fully equipped kitchen. This saves our family a lot of money as we eat 2 meals a day at the cottage, and only eat out once a day.

After many years of staying in hotels, I found that renting a cottage is a welcome relief. The internet makes it very easy to find them. I always

make sure and read all the reviews if I am not familiar with it.

I have found these give you a very good overall view of what to expect. I know everybody has a different opinion, but it is a good idea to know a little bit of the good and bad before you reserve one.

In my experience, the overall review consensus has been pretty much right on. I also write a review after we have left so others can benefit from our experience as well.

Post 1

While renting a holiday cottage sounds like a wonderful vacation for my husband and me, our kids would not be as excited about it.

They like vacations that are busy, fast paced, and when I feel like I need a vacation when I get home.

One year we rented a small cottage by the beach thinking it would be a great family vacation. Thankfully, there were enough other activities close by, in addition to the beach where our kids had a good time.

I just think while our kids are still at home, we will leave the cottage rentals for a time when just the two of us can get away.

A cozy, quiet cottage where I can curl up with a good book and take long walks sounds like a really good vacation about now.

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